I try to find you in everyone. 

Because I miss you 

I just want to be able to one more time touch you 
Say boodbye, that I am sorry because I didn’t understand that you were my life and even more 
And I never know why I just watched as they simply shut your door 

I was naive and when you said forever, I felt trust 
- as I poured myself out of the purest love and lust. 
Thought I’d meet you again 
But I was ignorant, so that was then 

No matter how hard I seek, I never find you 
I just find idiots and I think that the memories of you must be made of glue 
Because I cannot push them aside 
Even when my ability to think clear has died 

You where not all I had 
- but all for whom I really cared 
And I should keep the feeling of just the fact that you once shared your life with me, to make me just a little bit glad. 
But for all the times I made you sad 
I’m sorry and I wish I could go back to make it right 
But now our love’s dead, because I don’t think it just sleeps, honey; it’s not even night 
Now all my love is spent 
I don’t know where your love to me went. 
But I can’t feel it, I truly wish I just for one of all these weeks, months and oh, the all the lonely time that lies infront of me could. 
I wish I had that safe, naive, lovely feeling of “I feel almost too good”. 

I swear, I could die for just the chance to be able to sleep beside you one last time.