Alberta, Canada

Over Labor Day weekend, my two brothers and I took a trip to Alberta, Canada. 

The must-see’s were The Valley of Ten Peaks, The Icefields and Bow Valley Parkway, and wildlife! 

We stayed in Banff - a beautiful little town in the mountains. 

The first day we road-tripped on the Bow Valley Parkway. We hiked the trails around Johnston Canyon and drove past the bright, clear blue lakes.

Bow Lake

As we drove further north into Jasper National Park, the mountains were topped with more snow.  We saw the Athabasca Glacier and the beautiful peaks by Talbot Lake.

We made a roadside stop at a campsite with colored chairs and cute cabins!

Would love to stay here…

We ended the day at Maligne Lake.

and it was breathtaking.

Morant’s Curve

So I was driving for ages in the snow trying to find this supposed famous photographing spot. Didn’t do my research well enough, and actually, Morant’s Curve is Outlet Creek. It’s alternative name was named after famous Canadian photographer Nicholas Morant who placed this curve on the map. He loved taking pictures of trains, and this angle allowed him to get more of the train in the picture. I unfortunately did not get a train in the picture as no trains run in the winter, but I did capture the mountains that make it part of the Rockies of Canada.

Adeline, LAX

Frozen Watefalls

Headed back to Canada, back to the cold, back to the snow. I decided to see Banff and Lake Louise regions. Its meant to be just as beautiful in winter as it is in summer. Besides the tormenting wind and snow blocking my view, it was beautiful. Here I was one of the few crazies to hike on slippery packed snow (with just my hunters on) to view the Johnston Canyon falls (off the Bow Valley Parkway). I felt like the hike would never end, but when it did, this was the end result. When you zoom in, it looks like atomic bombs of water frozen in the air. Amazing display of nature. 

Adeline, LAX