‘i am the backup singer to kathy acker’s fucking tattoos’ is the best line so far in inferno.

what i like about this book as opposed to say, patti smith’s just kids is that myles seems pretty transparent about her ambition whereas smith seems to sort of just drift through new york, floating from scene to scene, effortlessly falling into the company of the art elite and ultimately rising to stardom. 

myles definitely does some of the same kind of tricks and definitely the fact that the book is presented as a novel feels a little like a cop-out in this respect but it’s really compelling reading in any case and listening to her read it in her old dyke boston accent is a treat.


I’m wondering if Chris Evans tries to hide his Boston accent most of the time because I rarely hear it this thick!

*mentions an american accent*

american: what type of american accent? boston or new jersey? californian? new york maybe? theyre so different maybe did you mean southern? i think u mean texan. wait u might mean a detroit accent hmmm maybe long island?? we sound so different please identify the exact accent you were thinking of, could it have been a midwestern?? hmmm or maybe it was a 


my goal is to ultimately be able to do this