I’m Boston bound! (2016 of course). I ran a 3:03:26 and placed second in my age group and seventh overall. Horrible weather (which made a seven-mile out and back on a bike trail extremely slippery), and I fell and busted my knee and ankle. But I don’t care. So very happy right now.

Edit: thanks for all of the encouragements and kind words, everyone. And to all running Boston this year, I’m hoping for great weather and looking forward to some great race recaps.
Last Run Before Boston

This run was not the best. At the start I was weaving through crowds of people on their way to the BAA 5K and at the end my usual stomach issues forced me to slow to a walk. I’m not worried though, there will be plenty of time to resolve any issues I might have on Monday morning at the Runner’s Village. 

As I was nearing the end of my run I passed by a woman that looked familiar. When I looked back I immediately recognized her.

Not a bad way to end the run…

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