Things i hate about the Sistar fanbase

#If you like Sistar, you should Hail to Beyoncé…

Nothing to say, i Love Sistar and i’m very critic about all the shits they do, i even criticize Starship Ent. like a Hater (Well not really is more like a terrorist) And i know there’s a lot of fans that like Beyonce because Hyorin love her also. But, the shit get out of control when the fans demand you to hail Beyonce and love everyshit she does. 

People plis, I like Kpop, but, also i love Electronic Music (Real Musicians A.K.A Savant not EDM BIG ROOM SHIT) And i find Beyonce don’t know… Meh, She doens’t deserve my time, because i don’t listen to her music. But, that doesn’t mean i hate her.

I just wanna stop that Fancomunism here. So…

Funny thing, i wanna see what do you hate about sistar fanbase.

Bora for Get it Beauty Self - On Style

4minute & sistar addressing what girl groups especially have to deal with regarding their appearances. :(