I have two libraries. 

The first one was something I built over the years - painstakingly.  I worked my ASS off to get each and every book - whether brand new in the bookstore or a treasure found in the bargain bookstores.  

I love books.  I’ve loved reading ever since I discovered how to get myself lost in a world of story and what libraries are.  In my country, your only access to a library will be when you’re in school.  Otherwise, you’re out of luck.  

So I had to scrimp and save and look forward to each payday to get a new book to read.  And I read incredibly fast.  It doesn’t take me long to finish one book and start a new one.  Or go back to an old favorite. 

Of course, I adore finding good quality, beautifully bound editions. But I’m not rich. These are rare and hard to come by. I love books as long as they’re whole enough for me to read - I love them even if they’re old and obviously a library discard. It tells me they have a history.

Sometimes I get lucky.  I think I have an actual signed book by Oscar Hijuelos - I found the book in a bargain bookstore.  I don’t know how the heck it ended up in there.  Maybe it’s a fake or a prank after all.  But I’d love to know the story behind it. 

The second library is in my iPad.  Again, I worked my ASS off and spent my hard-earned Christmas bonus on this baby.  I discovered e-books and realized I could finally read whatever I wanted even in low light and could carry a library in my backpack wherever I wandered off to. 

And of course, there’s the gloriousness of good fan fiction in here too.

The upshot is that I LOVE my two libraries.  I LOVE reading, whether I hold a physical book in my hands or a virtual one.  I don’t hold with snobs who think a virtual book is somehow “lesser” than a physical one.  That’s complete bullshit. 

The point is - the book contains the story and the story is everything.  It is the tale that matters to me and as someone who loves tales and stories, as someone who finds sanity and meaning and joy in these things, I am happy that I can lose myself in my libraries - the physical and the virtual ones. 

friendly reminder that Islam treats Judaism and Christianity with plenty of respect, and all members of all three are considered People of the Book, and should all act as one people instead of trying to destroy each other

i finished Cress

is there like some sort of support group i can go to??

i need help

"I am commanded to go to the land of Mordor, and therefore I shall go," said Frodo. "If there is only one way, then I must take it. What comes after must come"


Jinora can travel to the Spirit World!!

She guides Korra

She goes to the Spirit Library

Whoa, the spiritual connection of the air nomads it’s amazing, Aang was really true when he told about the freedom spirituality and the communication of the airbenders.

She looks really like Aang

Mako & Korra Are Getting Back Together
  • Mako & Korra Are Getting Back Together
  • Adriana Figueroa

I’ve yet to make any audio posts for this new season of Korra before now, but basically here are my personal thoughts on the events of last night’s episode – because we were all thinking it.

I remember sitting through Book One the first time
Thinking “Oh my God, they finally clicked,” cause like
Makorra really makes my heart ignite
And I need my weekly fix (What?)

Then they turn around and take it back
Cause they’re teenagers who don’t know how to act
And my heart is breaking going through their tag
It’s like “I’m so mad,” “I’m so glad,” “I’m crying,” “Whatever”

Ooooh, my OTP broke up last night, but…
Ooooh, Tumblr – I’m calling it, I’m calling it

Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together
Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together
They can talk to Raiko, talk to Iroh, talk to Bo…
But Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together

I mean come on, they just have to get back together… RIGHT? RIGHT?!