my face is like too round to have any kind of good bone structure but not round enough to be cool n cute so

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How can you tell if someone is an Aries??

Usually loud and excitable, but sometimes quiet. Always have this know-it-all expression. They can either have strong bone structure with a prominent forehead and cheekbones (think Brendon Urie) or have a softer, balanced face (think Brenda Song)

First of all, it’s awesome that you’re a drummer, we have that in common! You have gorgeous eyes that just light up when you smile! Your smile is just adorable. I also absolutely love the bone structure of your face - and the facial hair compliments that so nicely! You’re really able to pull off the long hair, I think it looks great on you and really ties everything together. I hope you are able to see the beauty that I see!♥

Send me a photo of yourself and I will tell you what makes you beautiful.♥