Legend of Korra Book 4 - Episode 8 Remembrances - OR - The Clip Episode

Good day to y’all. So i’ve started this blog for quite a while but since I’ve got so many uni projects I didn’t seem to find any time to write on it. I’ve only used it to follow blogs I liked.

As you can probably tell I am a fan of both ATLA and LOK and I think these are the most amazing things to ever grace our tvs or PCs. *whatever you’re watching it on*. 

I’ve been meaning to comment every episode as it premieres but I’ve failed to do so and I thought now would be a good idea to start since Episode 8 of Book 4 divided so many people for no good reasons actually.

As far as I am concerned it wasn’t the best episode but it did provide something many seem to gloss over or forget entirely: character development. This is especially true for Mako. We’ve got his side of the story in the Asami-Korra-Mako triangle and it was interesting and redeemable for Mako. Many have said , over the course of Book 1 and 2 that Mako was a jerk and that he didn’t care for either Korra or Asami but now we got an explanation - his explanation- his feelings , his motivations. He was a teenager for cry out loud! Sure he made some mistakes but he didn’t mean it, he was just confused. As Wu put it, Mako wants so bad to not disappoint anyone that he ends up disappointing everyone. 


The best part of the episode, however, was Varrick and his mover about Bolin. It was funny, it was clever it was everything and more. We’ve got a tiny bit of character development for Bolin - he’s been developing quite well so far in Book 4  - in that he was not pleased with how Varrick presented him to be. If Varrick would have told the same story way back in Book 2 ,Bolin would have been all over it, he would have loved it because , let’s face it, Bolin in Book 2 was all kinds of bad. But no, in Book 4 Bolin doesn’t go with it, he knows he’s not like that and that he has failed and is now returning to Republic City with his tail between his legs. He’s matured he is no longer just the comic relief. I mean, he is but not JUST that - we can safely say , now more than ever, that Bolin is closer to Sokka - comedy wise. 

All in all it was a good episode given the fact that Dickelodeon cut the funding in the middle of Book 4 as we all found out. It was either this or fire someone from the LOK team or skip the episode as a whole. 

So, don’t be jerks and enjoy this episode for what it is because it’s clever and funny.  ( especially the Unalaq- Vatuu - Zaheer - Amon part) 

Sure it’s no Ember Island Players but it doesn’t have to be. This show is targeted to a more mature audience so using a play to remember the Krew’s adventures wouldn’t have worked that good. They did a great job.

Get ready for this week’s episode when Poop’s about to get real :D