Hey, guys, guess what!

It’s BPD Awareness Month!

Last month was Autism Awareness Acceptance Month, and this month I want all of you to go and learn about BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) so that next year we can cross out the “Awareness” in BPD Awareness Month and replace it with “Acceptance” as well.

(And I know a lot of autistic out there also have BPD, so this month feel free to send in stuff about how having autism and BPD affects you!)

My boifriend has suggested the following blogs for you to check out:





Make sure you spend this month learning about BPD and being as accepting and caring towards the Borderline people in your life (and that includes yourself if you have BPD!) as you can.

And for the love of god do not get your information from anywhere that says anything like “How to deal with someone with BPD” because that. Is just so terrible don’t freaking do it. Erase the term “deal with” from your terminology. We do not “deal with”, we love and nurture, the same way we’d rather have someone love and nurture us and not just “deal with” our autism.

Now get out there, become aware, and be accepting!

-Brother Cat