I don’t think I’ve ever put my face on this account before lol but I was tagged by hemmxhood to do the 20 person Selfie tag thingy so..theres my face. 

I’d like to nominate fuck-off-lucas nerdyashtonirwin fivesecondsoffandoms aslutfor5sos suckmymichaelconda 5-versions-of-blue hemmings1994 you-completemess its-clifford-bitch clifford-the-big-red-idiot lukehemmostutu narrys-hugs cliffordvoodoo cliffordssweaterpaws clifford-art headbandirwin pimpdaddycashton luluhemwin waywardaussies nothingbutcam scandalucas

I look forward to seeing all your pretty faces! 


Hah tried to get you guys SOMETHING today!! been having these tuckington inks for a long while. Still playing around with designs. Not sure yet, but so far^

also considering my old design w/ tucker and the pink hair