Sleepy Hollow Has Shipped!

Just got my Amazon email alert that it has been shipped & will be here September 16th!!

Considering that the last episode was in JANUARY I feel like I’ve been waiting for-ever for this.

C’mon blooper reel, and deleted scenes, and commentary.


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Australian tributes, we have some great news! One month ago, we announced that the Australian DVD/Blu-Ray release date would be on March 21 and now we’ve just received news that the release date has been moved forward to Wednesday, March 19! 

Australia will also be receiving an exclusive look at ‘The Hob’ in the special features of the Blu-Ray! 

To celebrate, here is an exclusive full 5 minute look at one of the special features on the cast/crew filming in Hawaii! 


The Iron Giant, as you may or may not know, is one of my most favourite films ever. And sadly, its not had a Blu Ray release yet. FOR SHAME WARNER BROTHERS!

Brad Bird, ace director, has been chatting to WB about it, but they are convinced that its only worthy of a bog standard one disk thing, maybe with one directors commentary on or something. FOR SHAME TWICE WARNER BROTHERS!

Personally, I’d love a great looking steel book, with a sleeve over the front with the scrap Superman logo, some postcards inside for different places in the film, maybe a little fact file from Ted Mansley about Giant sightings. One disk with the film, one .mov of the film on the other disk for use elsewhere, and a bonus disk filled with all the original bonus features, plus retrospectives from the cast and crew, updated commentaries, and a look into the complex process it was to make 2D and 3D animation work so seamlessly, and maybe even a short documentary into the history of Warner Brothers animation, and what was happening with the studio at that time to make them want to shut down.

But thats just me.

If you want something similar, tweet @WBHomeEnt, letting them know you want a Blu Ray version better than just your standard old thing. Hopefully they will listen, and hopefully I’ll get my SteelBook.

Thats been an update. I’ll have more posters one day I promise.