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Office AU. Lux, Vi, and Sej pulled their prank on Fiora. But in so doing, they damaged something that, to Fiora, was irreplaceable. Fiora is distraught. But Quinn and Ahri are angry. And Lux didn't account for the cameras.

It’s not like Fiora to cry. Ahri’s seen her sniffle once or twice around Father’s day, but that doesn’t compare to the ugly sobs leaving her now. Seeing Fiora bent over on her knees, desperately trying to put together her trophy, eyes bloodshot and snot trickling out of her nose…Ahri’s chest aches.

Quinn’s kneeling next to her, nuzzling against her.

“It’ll be okay, Fiora, I promise,” Quinn says. “You still have the memory—”

Fiora shouts something harsh and cutting in French. Ahri flinches. She doesn’t need to speak the language to know the sentiment. Not when Fiora’s frantic fingers dig into the engravings, not when her shoulders shake, not when she looks for all the world like a frightened child.

And god, it hurts to see her like this. Ahri’s shocked at the pain. Dark, acidic anger roils in her stomach; she flexes her hands, imagining what she’d do to the person who made Fiora feel this way.

She, too, kneels next to her lovers. She says what words she can in hushed tones, promises Fiora that they’ll find out who did this and punish them accordingly.

“Quinn and I can even get you a new trophy—”

Fiora bites her lip. It’s then that Ahri sees the inscription:

Junior Pan-American Fencing Champion Fiora Laurent

World’s Best Daughter

“My mother,” whimpers Fiora. “My mother, she…she was not well, and I couldn’t…I just couldn’t…”

Quinn squeezes her shoulder. “Fiora came in second,” she explains. “Her mother got her a replica first place trophy.”


Ahri’s lips part. No one ever talks about Fiora’s mother.

“It’s the last thing she gave me,” Fiora says.

Ahri holds her tight. Fiora’s pain is her pain is Quinn’s pain. On the floor the three of them feed off each other’s emotions, and Ahri finds herself caring more than she ever thought she would. And it’s a strange kind of reassurance to know that she really can care for someone this deeply—that the words of her ex-lovers mean nothing, that she is not heartless after all.

But she wishes she was when she sees Lux on the security tape.

// Mun is pissed with bloodshot eyes and lack of sleep. WHO THE FK VACUUMS AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING. Fking wakes me up on the day I get to sleep in. Class starts at 10am today instead of fking 8am. GFDI.

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My dream involves lay and let me tell you right now this is noT OKAY AT ALL. Apparently I was a translator & I had to accompany him & luhan to this meeting. When we finished, we decided to go have to drinks (idk why omg) so luhan suggested this cool neon lights bar place it was actually really cool. we drank & drank & then I decided to go to the bathroom. I have no idea why but it was such a long way to the bathroom, I kept hearing footsteps behind me so when I turned around I noticed lay (CONT

(CONT) was the one who haD FOLLOWED ME. I was going to ask what he wanted when he suddenly cornered me out of nowhere. I was like lay are you ok but his eyes were bloodshot & he kept looking at my lips until he actually FUCKJNT kISSED ME. When he pulled away he asked if i wanted him to stop & I said no so we made out for the longest time ever but what hurts the most is that this was a vivid dream & it felt so real I was so mad like I literally felt his lips & my arms around him I want to dIE.


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Imagine 29

Character- Gally
Word Count- 774
Part Two to Imagine 27

It has been a few weeks since you have talked to Gally, and the thought of it really made you sad. You refused to talk to anyone during that time. The last time you talked was to Gally those two weeks back. You also barely ate and hid out in the Deadheads, where no one could find you. You didn’t want to see or talk to anyone since what happened, and the only person who has tried to is Teresa. 

You liked the darkness of the Deadheads, even when it was light outside, and how it was so quiet and no one could find you. You’ve been getting tons of memories of you and Gally together though, and the thought of what happened made you even more depressed. You were pretty sure your eyes were bloodshot, you have cried everyday since what happened. 

Gally hasn’t even made an effort to come and find you, and it hurt a lot. He hasn’t done as much as looked at you. That’s when you started going into the Deadheads to hide. You couldn’t help yourself though, you would picture the memories you got and how happy you and Gally used to be. The memories were happy memories, and you wished that could be what was happening now. 

You were snapped out by a few sticks breaking, and thinking it was Teresa, you stood up and leaned against a tree for support. Who you saw wasn’t Teresa though, it was a face you weren’t sure you wanted to see. 

"What do you want Gally?" You asked, your voice scratchy from not talking in so long.

He said nothing, just walked up to you and pinned you up against the tree, placing his lips against yours.  He took you by shock, but you started to kiss back after you realized what was happening. His hands gripped your waist, your hands resting on his chest. You could feel the connection you two had, and you knew that you loved Gally. He pulled away breathless and looked at you. 

"I’m so sorry, Y/N." He said, his forehead resting on yours. "I got a memory of us."

"Which one?" You asked. "I’ve gotten a lot."

"The one out in the field." He said, smiling at it. 

"My favorite one." You replied, looking into his eyes. 

"I love you Gally, I love you so much. I loved you then when we weren’t in this maze, and I love you now." You said. "You were the best thing that’s ever happened to me."

"Y/N, I love you too. I felt connected to you in a way when you first came to the Glade, and when you told me that you remembered me I was scared. It took me a while to figure out my feelings, and during the process I didn’t even realize I was avoiding you until Teresa flipped out at me earlier today and told me where you’ve been the past week or so. I’m so sorry, and it hurts so bad to know I was the reason you cried every night, and didn’t eat anything. Please forgive me." Gally said, looking back at you.

"I forgive you Gally. It wasn’t your fault, it was the shuck creaters." You said, pecking his lips. His face broke out into a smile.

"Good that. Would you like to eat?" Gally asked, pulling out a basket that he had, setting everything up like in the memory. 

"I would love to." You said, helping him pull out Frypan’s food and set it down on the cloth that he got. 

The both of you ate together, and after that Gally layed down, pulling you into his strong arms. You decided to move the cloth into a small clearing where you could see the stars. Everything was perfect. Your head rested on Gally’s chest as you just layed there in silence. Gally was rubbing your back slightly, making you smile. 

"Thank you so much Gally. You made my day so much better." You said, changing your position so you were laying on top of him. 

"No problem Y/N, you made mine better too. Do you want to go get the sleeping bag?" Gally asked. 

"Yeah." You replied. "I’m getting cold."

You kissed Gally quickly before getting up with him, going to where the sleeping bags were. You grabbed one for the both of you before heading back towards the same spot. Both of you got in the sleeping bag, you cuddling into Gally’s chest for warmth. 

"This was how it was supposed to be." Gally whispered. 

"Good that." You replied, falling asleep shorty after that in Gally’s arms.