Secret good hobbies of Bleach villains

As requested by anon. :)

As the requester explained to me, the inspiration for this list was the revelation that the guy Ichigo fought in plushie form, the one who seemed shady and creepy, was secretly a kindergarten teacher. So what if all of the Bleach villains had kindhearted or community-minded hobbies? What would each of them do? 

1. Aizen: Volunteers at nursing homes

There he hosts tea parties, listens patiently to the residents’ stories, and basically makes them feel like they are the center of his universe.

Aizen: Why yes, Ms. Krumpnik, I can teach you how to tie a proper bondage knot.

Aizen: No I don’t need to know why.

2. Bazz-B: Volunteers for Locks of Love

He not only cuts the hair, but also makes people feel good about their new look.

Bazz-B: Of course short hair is punk rock!

Bazz-B: I shaved my head for the cause, and now I have this cool mohawk that everybody loves!

3. Starrk: Looks for people’s lost pets

You can “hire” him (he’s free), but he’ll also just look when he sees a missing pet poster.

Starrk: Losing a pet is lonely.

Starrk: And soul wolves are surprisingly good at tracking.

4. Gin: Works at a soup kitchen

Not that he will admit it to anyone.

Gin: I’m okay with a lot of things.

Gin: But not hungry kids. 

5. Giselle: Does pronoun training

For companies, schools, anyone who’s interested.

Giselle: And if anyone misgenders you, feel free to kill them!

Giselle: …

Giselle: I never understand why everyone laughs there.

6. BG9: Visits children’s hospitals

So that the kids can see a *real* robot.

Parent: Your robot costume is so amazing, thank you!

BG9: My “costume,” yes.

7. Gerard: Visits children’s hospitals

Because apparently all the kids these days love Thor.

Parent: Your Thor costume is so amazing, thank you!

Gerard: No but this is my real look.

Parent:  Ha ha of course it is!

8. Ginjo: Buys carloads of instant ramen and takes it to food banks

A bit more often than the food banks want.

Employee: Sir please we still haven’t gone through your last car load of ramen.

Ginjo: But it’s been several days!

9. Tsukishima: Makes dinner for his neighbors when they are sick

Or if they’ve lost a loved one. Or if he noticed they were ordering takeout again for like the third straight night.

Tsukishima: Take the homemade casserole.

Tsukishima: Love yourself.

10. Grimmjow: Coaches kids’ sports leagues

And he always brings orange slices.

Grimmjow: Remember, it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts!

Ichigo: Who are you?


11. Meninas: Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

She can build an entire house by herself. Very quickly.

Meninas: I guess most people need a crew?’

Meninas: Weird.

12. Szayel: Throws kids’ birthday parties

He brings (non-poisonous) sweets, does (SFW) science experiments, and will even decorate if the parent wants.

Parent: Pink? This party is for a boy!

Szayel: And your point is….?

13. Aaroniero: Teaches community theater

He wanted a higher paying gig, but they were the only ones who would take him.

Aaroniero: No! You have to BE the part!

14. Tosen: Gives free legal advice

Most of it is carefully researched and helpful. But he always ends by suggesting that they try starting a revolution instead.

Tosen: All I’m saying is that the legal system basically sucks.

15. Ulquiorra: Reads to children at the library

His lack of inflection isn’t his *worst* problem.

Ulquiorra: What do you mean Edgar Allen Poe isn’t suitable material for the children?

Ulquiorra: Children love ravens.

Imagine being Loki’s S.H.I.E.L.D. appointed keeper, and he moves into the apartment next to you.  To your surprise he’s quite a slob, and you avoid entering.  One day he misses his check in, so you are forced to go look for him.  A toxic smell greets you as you open the door, and you see Loki looking very sick.  After you drag him out to fresh air, you find out he accidentally mixed bleach and ammonia.  “I’m a prince, what would I know of cleaning chemicals?”

Top 10 most underutilized characters in Bleach (in my opinion)

As requested by  kartoonist4. :)

Otherwise known as “characters who are interesting and cool but who do not get the screentime they deserve in this blogger’s opinion.” I mean, it’s a little tough, right? Because Bleach has so many characters that you could pick almost anyone outside of the main main gang and say, “Why don’t they get more screentime???” But in my opinion, these are the most underutilized ones whom *I’d* love to see get more time to shine!

#10: Ikumi

I just really loved Ichigo’s boss, you know? The way she was all hardcore, but pretended to be just a sweet harmless mom for her little kid. And the way she was so genuinely motherly toward Ichigo - she hugged him when he was at the end of his rope, and he ran to her when he was scared. I’d love to see more of her.

#9: Hachigen

I think Hachigen’s screentime suffers because Tite Kubo just doesn’t think that kido is that cool. Not in his heart. So even thought Hachigen has amazing kido powers, they haven’t really been explored. And sure, Hachigen is back in Soul Society now, but am I hopeful that he will get an awesome fight? Not really.

#8: Mashiro

Mashiro has truly amazing powers - like the ability to keep her hollow mask on for 15 hours (for an unexplained reason) and the fact that she could do that from the beginning, without needing to fight her inner hollow. She’s apparently so strong that Kensei thought her fighting Hisagi would cause Hisagi to spontaneously develop bankai. Yet we still don’t know what her zanpakuto powers are, and we haven’t seen her since she trained Hisagi in that one panel. Seriously - where is she??

#7: Mizuiro

Mizuiro is one mysterious guy. He pretended that he couldn’t see hollows for ages…and then turned out to be so cool and collected that he robbed a store for parts to build a bomb to throw at Aizen. But I’m torn, to be honest. Part of what makes Mizuiro so fascinating is that we *don’t* really get to know what makes him tick. But even so. I want Tite Kubo to top the bomb thing. Somehow.

#6: Love

I think Love is most underutilized of the visored. I think partly I have that impression because the fandom just doens’t care about him, but also he’s the only captain-level visored who didn’t rejoin the Gotei-13. And he just….never got much of a personality? He’s really hard to write for, tbh.

#5: Nanao

Nanao has had some time to shine….but I’m still mad that she gets left out of pretty much every fight because Kyoraku is (presumably) way too protective. She has a zanpakuto. But we don’t know its name or powers or whether or not Nanao will ever actually use it. We do know she’s great at kido - let’s see more of that! And more of her fighting! Just, anything really.

#4: Tessai

Tessai. Tessai who knows forbidden kido. Tessai who can fucking stop time. Tessai who refused to let Urahara go alone to find Shinji and the others in the TBTP arc, and who found Urahara despite his cloak. Tessai who now spends all of his time running a shop and hasn’t even attended a single damn fight. Tessai needs to show us what he’s got.

#3: Chad

Yes, Chad is part of the main gang. But even so, he’s somehow super underutilized. His powers haven’t really developed for a long time, and he doesn’t tend to get very cool fights. I always get the impression that he’s Tite Kubo’s least favorite part of the main gang. So here’s hoping he gets a big and cool part in the final battle!

#2: Karin

It is definitely personal bias that makes me include Karin on this list but not Yuzu. The two twins are both underutilized, but it’s Karin’s absence that pains me the most. I guess because she’s kinda like Ichigo: fierce, protective, fond of teasing Hitsugaya…..and she should have powers. Like, it’s in her genes just as much as Ichigo’s. She should be a shinigami-hollow-Quincy just like her brother, and I would be so up for watching that.

#1: Tatsuki

MOTHER. FUCKING. TATSUKI. Do you know how mad I still am that Tatsuki didn’t get to join the main Ichigo gang? She’d be so awesome! She knows how to fight, she has the spiritual pressure to see hollows, and she would definitely be up for saving the world. Plus, if she had joined the main gang, we’d get to see more of her friendship with Orihime. More of her friendship with Ichigo. She and Chad could be bros. She might meet Soi Fon, and my crazy crack ship would have its moment. Tatsuki’s just….she’s so cool. I wish she was used for something other than stay-at-home friend.

If Orihime and Ichigo suddenly started making out in the middle of battle...

As requested by anon. :)

Apparently this is known as pulling a Ron/Hermione, although I honestly don’t remember that part of the book (movie?). So let’s say that during the climatic final battle, Orihime and Ichigo started making out. How would everybody react?


Rose: Epic…dramatic…sensational…

Rose: I’d call it the perfect time!

Kensei: But - the battle!

Shinji: I dunno, man. Haven’t you ever noticed that during fights, people are allowed to talk as much and as often as they want?

Shinji: Like the three of us, standing here discussing the fact that Ichigo and Orihime are currently making out.

Lisa: Surprised you’re not more sad. Wasn’t Orihime your first love?

Shinji: Clearly she’s moved on!

Bazz-B: *looks at Renji*

Bazz-B: *winks*

Renji: W-what are you winking at me for??

Yhwach: I cannot believe that my own distant descendant is making out with a non-Quincy.

Giselle: I can’t believe someone else finds death and destruction just as sexy as me!

Liltotto: I can’t believe nobody notices Bazz-B trying to use this to pick up a shinigami dude.

Rukia: I know people usually level up during battles…

Rukia: But this isn’t quite the leveling up for Inoue or Ichigo I expected!

Renji: So proud of those kids!

Byakuya: It is the opposite of classy, though.

Grimmjow: I knew wearing a shirt was a fucking mistake!


Haschwalth: ….*this* is what convinces you?

Yoruichi: FINALLY Ichigo does something right!

Urahara: Score one for Urahara fashion sense!

Yoruichi: Uh…

Urahara: But

Chad: I think Yoruichi is right, Urahara.

Chad: These are long pent-up romantic feelings being released in the heat of battle.

Chad: ‘Cause if Ichigo kissed Inoue for looking beautiful, he’d have done it long ago.

Urahara: ….I guess I can’t argue with that.

a very simple guide to Shinigami uniform collars, by yours truly.

It’s layered. They wear a white shitagi under a black kosode. I often see people draw it the first way and it’s like ??????

Also, FOLD LEFT OVER RIGHT. NEVER RIGHT OVER LEFT. (you only fold right over left when you’re dressing a dead body).

So, I drew this for Day 2: King and Queen. It took me four days to do all this because it was a lot of stuff and it’s really hard for me to draw Ichigo. I’m so proud of this, since I’ve this is the first time I’ve ever successfully drawn Ichigo and Rukia. Also, I’m so horribly behind on my Ichiruki month stuff, since I got the memo late that it was a legit thing, but I’ll catch up eventually!