Philip James Frost at Blank_Space Gallery

I accidentally stumbled into the opening reception for Philip James Frost’s exhibit “Don’t Die Time” at Blank_Space Gallery in Sydney, Australia. 

For Travelers:

This gallery is on a main shopping street in Surrey Hills. I don’t believe it has a sign, so look out for the Anthony Lister mural of a ballerina throwing up the rock n’ roll signs with a big rainbow behind her. 

We are fundraising through Sponsume to raise money to realise our intergenerational community art project. We have applied for Arts Council funding, and as part of our fundraising drive are using Sponsume to ensure the exhibition is a success. Please have a look, and share this link. We realise that not everyone has money to spare, but if you share, it might reach someone who does.



A member of the group Memories Past shares stories with workshop participants and HISTORIA artist Lynn Weddle.

Over 20 people attended the ReMap pilot on Saturday 18 February to share stories and contribute photographs to the project’s digital resource. A selection of images and stories can be seen on the  Participants work page and on Flickr

Please visit the Argus Community Pages to read an article about the event

Workshop preparation

Our photography workshop at Blank Gallery in Portslade is next weekend, so I’m busy finishing up all my preparation for it.

Today, I’m going for a wander to take some photos. Yesterday was just a bit too sunny for me - I prefer a grey day for the lighting - diffused by nature!

I’m really excited about this project, and can’t wait to create a collaborative story about Portslade using photography. I’ll put them up here when I’m back!



Angel Blackwell and I are featured in the second installment of Blank Gallery’s “one2one” series, put together by Patrick Mullen and crew at EyeBOX Video Productions.

I feel super lucky to get to work with somebody as crazily talented as Patrick. To see some more of his work, you can check out this killer short he did on the local graffiti scene ("Huntington’s Back Door"), which was featured last week in the Appalachian Film Festival.

Patrick and crew also produced the first installment of “one2one” (featuring Kelli Bellomy and Chris Lusher), which is over here.