When a 30-foot-long, dark purple tentacle turned up on the beach in the Welsh village of Portmeirion, there was only one thing to be done - conduct an autopsy. It’s a good thing there was an actual Kraken Hunter on hand to take care of it.

It turns out the alarmingly long appendage wasn’t really a tentacle at all. It was a delicious fruit cake soaked in spiced dark rum, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum to be specific. The tantalizing tentacle was made by wonderfully creative food artists known as The Tattooed Bakers.

Miss Cakehead (previously featured here) describes what went down at The Kraken Rum Edible Autopsy:

"Wearing full protective clothing, the Kraken Hunter then proceeded to serve the remains to a hungry crowd who had witnessed the recovery of the tentacle earlier in the day. Legend has it eating the flesh of Kraken will leave those who consumed it with special powers and a distinguished taste in rum."

[via Miss Cakehead]