I legit just got an anon who said:

“I agree with you. White people make generalisations which are harmful to black men. But you should also note that the overwhelming majority of young black men are killed by black people. Gangster rap does play a role in perpetuating a violent culture which puts black people at risk. White people kill each other too, but not at such an alarming rate. For 15% of the population, black people comprise a large percentage of homicide rates in the U.S”

“I’m going to say I agree with you, but then continue to demonstrate that I missed all of the entire point”

This infograph is my response. Tell me how we are perpetuating violent culture when violence is actually GOING DOWN. People really need to update the racist rhetoric of criminalizing rap music from decades ago

A Little Shady

Monochromatic ensembles have been all the rage these recent years. First it was white on white, then it was black on black and now it’s grey on grey. What used to be considered a bland and boring color is now making it’s way from the runway and into streetstyle. Continue reading to see how to style grey on grey without looking like a character from ‘Divergent’.

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