Sadly, with Helena gone back to Earth 2, we will likely not see this again, at least for a long time.  The Birds, in any form, were always one of my favourite teams, and it’s a sad fact that they are no longer together.  However, I hope that one day, fate and circumstance will reform the team, where Canary and Batgirl can work things out, meet Helena Bertinelli, and Zinda, maybe even Starling again, and go on an awesome adventure… maybe to Hong Kong… maybe to track down David Cain… and find a his daughter, waiting for them.

Just a thought.

Katie Cassidy birthday project :)

Hi kiddos :).
It’s that time of the year Becky, Marina and myself are throwing the Katie Cassidy birthday project. We’re once again going to put together things to make her a video but we need you to participate and spread the word :). For those of you newbies in our beloved fandom just know that Katie sees it every year so you have a good reason to be a part of it so she knows her fandom is growing and how much we support her. To participate you can send anything: a few words, a picture of you holding an ‘happy birthday Katie’ sign, a quick video (those shouldn’t be too long though please cuties), a fanart or even suggestions to (it’s marina’s address jsyk who you’re reaching) Ps: if some of you want to wear a ‘black canary’ style mask please do so that would be awesome ahah. The deadline is November 15 and obviously don’t forget to give us your usernames so we can put them on the credit at the end of the video (we’ll try to not forget anyone cause we had some probs last year this is why we ask for you to only send your stuff to marina’s address)
Thank you to everyone who shares and participates.
Much love Marina, Becky , Evelyn & June.

So I just watched arrow season 2x11 and it brought something to my attention that I had previously not really considered.

Sara and Oliver’s relationship was typically shot down by most people (including myself here) because Sara is Laurel’s (the claimed love of Oliver’s life) sister. It was bad enough that Oliver cheated on Laurel with her sister once, but once they got back to Starling they did it again?! I just didn’t like that. And I still don’t.

BUT, I’m watching said episode, and there’s a moment when Sara and Oliver are sitting around a fire on the island and he, for the first time since the boat went down, apologizes. After she admitted it wasn’t just his fault, she told a story I really never paid much attention to.

She mentioned a party of Tommy’s when Oliver spilled beer on her. He said he didn’t remember it (because he never left any of Tommy’s parties with his memory intact) and Sara told him it was Laurel that called their dad to bust the party. Laurel knew Sara had a huge crush on Oliver and Sara had snuck out to go to the party just to see Oliver, so she pulled the plug on the party in spite of Sara.

Oliver looks surprised at receiving this news and Sara adds that not long after the party, she turned around and Oliver and Laurel were officially together.

And THAT’S what I never really retained. Sure, Sara betrayed her sister by sneaking around with Oliver while he and her sister were dating, but it was Laurel that betrayed Sara to some degree in the beginning.

This may be a small detail to their story, but it really changed a few things for me when I saw this a second time around.

I think the writers kinda slipped this in to make it almost okay for Sara to be a love interest for Oliver again, after all. Which was smart on their part. But it still didn’t make it a-okay for me.

Also, this episode really shows you how Laurel isn’t exactly who everyone in Starling seems to think she is and it also shows who she really is. It’s a very horrible episode for Laurel (poor girl goes through a lot), but it’s one that I think was important for Oliver in that he kind of finds closure by seeing who Laurel is now and how he has to change his view on her because he has a blind spot when it comes to her.

So, important episode for a number of reasons (including it being an episode that sold sariver (?) for me, SLIGHTLY). Glad I rewatched it!