The Raven | Graphite on paper

Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

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Guy saves baby Swan. Daddy swan birb extremely ungrateful.

Crested Pigeon courtship - Ocyphaps lophotes

The Crested Pigeon, Ocyphaps lophotes (Columbiformes - Columbidae) is a relatively large, stocky pigeon with a highly distinctive appearance. As its name suggests, this species is easily recognized by its long, black, pointed crest, which is usually held erect. Ocyphaps lophotes is a species endemic to Australia.

During the breeding season, the male crested pigeon performs a display flight and courts the female with a ‘bowing’ display as seen in the photo.

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Photo credit: ©Lip Kee Yap | Locality: Trin Warren Tam-boore, Royal Park, Melbourne, Australia (2008)