The Raven | Graphite on paper

Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

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 Vivid Hummingbird Close-ups Reveal Their Incredible Beauty

When it comes to birds, the terms “strong” or “beautiful” might inspire images of fierce eagles or decadent tropical parrots. But both of these birds will certainly find strong contender in hummingbirds, which possess a unique sort of delicate beauty and a mastery of avian maneuvers like no other. We created this list of 20 stunning hummingbird photos to show you just how beautiful they can be.

Capturing a photo of a hummingbird in flight with clearly focused wings can be very difficult, as some varieties are capable of beating their wings up to 52 times a second. This gives them the ability to hover and fly backwards – something that few other birds can do and that none have mastered the way the hummingbird has.  Boredpanda


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Is it here I’d stay if I had wings today? Would you wish to go if you ever sank this low? Would I love the sky if I could fly that high? Would it set you free if they truly saw me? Could we survive the weather if we just flew together? Did you know the air sings when you start to trust your wings? I wonder if fate grows weary from the wait.


Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis tickelliae)

…a small species of Old World flycatcher (Muscicapidae) which breeds in tropical Asia, from the Indian Subcontient eastwards to Southeast Asia. C. tickelliae is a forest loving species which typically inhabits areas with thick cover and shade. Like other Old World flycatchers Tickell’s blue flycatcher is primarily insectivorous, catching a wide range of insects in flight, and occasionally on the ground. 

the name of Cyornis tickelliae commemorates the British ornithologist Samuel Tickell, who did research in India and Burma.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Muscicapidae-Cyornis-C. tickelliae

Images: JJ Harrison and Sumeet Moghe