So like in 9th grade biology I didn’t pay much attention
So when our final came around and I had no clue what 90% of the answers were I just always chose mitochondria cause it looked like a cool word

That’s the story of how I guess and got 97% on my biology final

twistybrastrap said:

I just want to thank you for inspiring me to pursue anthropology! Your writings about medical biology and human anatomy really made me want to study the subject, and I already love it far more than what I was intending to study! Ahhh, thank you so much! (:

I am so so happy for you!

It’s a fascinating subject, and if you chose to pursue it, there’s a lot of avenues that you can go down. A few friends of mine did their undergrads in forensic anthro, and during their terms, started working with the police department doing ride alongside and volunteering.

She was lucky, but also smart, and went from an Anthro major to a forensic anthropologist (she helps me with the science some days—thanks A!)

There’s so much you can do with it, even if you don’t go into the sciences. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, honey.

Have you downloaded the EssentialSkeleton3D app? I found it SOOO useful when it came to skeletal anatomy.

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One man could theoretically be all that’s required for the women of Europe. At least biologically. Efficient, but likely very dull, and the postal service would be livid. What do you think?

Ok… maybe not quite done with shameless self promotion. ‘The Descent of Man’ available here from 8pm tonight

mediumtrip said:

just crossed my mind that tumblr queer "biology" works the exact same way that Einstein "disproved" Newtonian gravity. Nobody can ever say a word about Newton again, because his theory only works for, like, 99% of stuff, never mind that only quantum physicists ever deal in the realm of the remaining 1% ! Newtonian gravity is quantum-phobic and must be discarded!

You’re my favourite ever.

That’s a brilliant comparison. Quantum physics doesn’t negate physics, it amends it and remains predominantly conceptual or theoretical and applicable only to a minuscule minority of cases.

Same thing. But thank you, this is an exemplary example.

  • Region: Azul Bay
  • Transforms From: N/A
  • Transforms Into: Sharkness

Found only at great depths, Shinnow is a slender, serpentine creature which is extremely sensitive to light – even the faintest glimmer causes Shinnow pain and discomfort. In order to protect itself from the sun’s rays, Shinnow warps light around itself, creating an aura of shade which enshrouds the creature at all times. As a result, Shinnow is difficult to see, and even in direct light it resembles a living silhouette. Due to its photophobia, Shinnow has a somewhat strained relationship with Azul Bay’s more colorful residents, as their light-based abilities cause Shinnow a great deal of irritation.



From BPoD

Image by Anna Zagórska and Matt Joens

Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center, Salk Institute, USA

"Just as we take out the rubbish to keep a house tidy, the body must clean out waste and dead tissue to stay healthy. Macrophages (pictured in green) are the white blood cells in charge of this process, engulfing dead cells (shown in pink) to dispose of them. They perform day-to-day maintenance, as seen in the right panel, as well as clear out areas of inflammation, when the immune system responds to infection or damage (left panel), thanks to the combined action of two proteins on the cell surface. Known as Mer and Axl, they both detect cells which need to be removed, but each responds to a different type of problem: Mer recognises dead cells in otherwise healthy environments, while Axl is active in inflamed tissue. Failure to remove dead cells in either case may lead to autoimmune diseases, making these receptor proteins important targets for future research.”

Written by Emmanuelle Briolat

Originally published on

anonymous said:

2. 4. 9. 13. 15. 22. 38. 42. 43.

2. my best friends always seem to be near by and willing to help whenever I’m in need.

4. I miss my grandma more than anything.

9. three norms I hate: 1. women who like/have a lot of sex are sluts. 2. Men always have to show a “masculine” side.  3. Introverts are not friendly and are depressed. 

13. Ezra Koenig just because I think he’d be super chill, plus I feel like him and I are super similar in certain ways.

15. Yes, I’m in college currently. I am a biology major (focused in botany/ecology) with a computer science minor.

22. For some unknown reason I can watch Clueless over and over with no hesitation..


42. This question is so vague.. “What do you want to do with your life?”, there are so many things.

43. I can’t answer this because I cannot pick one, I have a pretty comical group of friends. 

I’m off to work. Won’t be on till maybe 5ish today. I have a huge exam too which doesn’t help. I had dreams about biology last night. -head desk- See you all later!}}

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