Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) undulating at a local zoo.  Moon jellies feed by moving slowly and catching unsuspecting prey in their wispy tentacles, which then contract in a corkscrew motion to bring the prey in to the body.  While moon jellies in zoos have been known to live for several years, those in the wild usually live only 6 months, often dying due to being exhausted from reproduction and thus contracting bacterial infections from warming waters.

If I had a choice for my ultimate fantasy job, it would be that of an adventurer biologist artist! Call me delusional but I believe that I can be that by the end of my life so…my second Master class idea for the Redbubble artist residency will be just that!
Adventuring on social media always seem to be in this far fetch exotic place, go big or go home but with this class, it challenges that idea. It will aim to bring students around the green corridors of Melbourne to have a legit knowledgeable adventure on a next to nothing budget. If you like this to happen please vote Sasha and Serene!


Can’t be bothered to wait to see whether I get the residency but want do to a microadventure? :