A-kon is fast approaching (oh god) so here are some photos of Kat’s Elizabeth Comstock cosplay that she debuted last year! This is one of Kat’s favorite shoots ever; the location of the Hilton turned out to be spot on perfection. Can’t wait for this year!

Photographer is the amazing Kristi Grunden Photography
Costume by Michelle Nordahl and Kat 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog :) I wanted to know which character is your favorite to cosplay as

ahhhh i loved dressing up as Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite (Burial at Sea DLC) cause that was just a beautiful costume (even if the custom-made shirt didn’t fit quite right ugh):

but i also REALLY loved dressing up as Reboot!Lara Croft for Halloween this year and i’m def gonna do that for NYCC this year (along with hopefully another new cosplay…) :)

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This is what BioShock could look like if remastered using CryEngine3

Game Time has created the first scene in the original BioShock game using CryEngine 3.5.8 in real-time.

Click here to see high res photos