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150511 Guo Jingming Weibo - Amber Kuo in L.O.R.D

1. [+14225] (comment from actress Yang Mi) Pretty to death

2. [+8809] (comment from Amber Kuo) They all said you, director, are my luck. I also think so! This star always takes me to the martyr of public opinions, into the abyss of the challenge, again and again, risking my ability to hide. In various possiblities, full of life! 2016, we’re coming.

3. [+3451] Looking at the description, no doubt Shen Yin!

4. [+3128] The people who act in L.O.R.D don’t look like themselves

5. [+3060] So far the ones who had the best results, I personally feel, are Fan Bingbing and Yifan

6. [+2055] Kai Ko! Gu Li has been captured by a demon!

7. [+1754] I’m betting on Shen Yin!!! Place your bets!!! In or not!!

8. [+2144] I heard as long as you @ Cheney Chen in the comments he will rise and click like. Let me try.

9. [+981] My guess: Wu Yifan, Qi La or Yin Chen; Fan Bingbing, Thalia; Roy Wang, Qi Ling; Lin Yun, Tian Shu You Hua; Amber Kuo, Shen Yin. As for your DongDong (t/n: they’re talking about Chen Xue Dong, Cheney Chen), I bet he will definitely appear in the movie, because you can’t bear to abandon him. Dongdong’s character, maybe, Ai Ou Si, Yin Chen, Qi La, Ji Er Jia Mei Shen, all possible! My analysis is so good, hurry and like me!

10. [+1847] At first glance I saw Auntie Xue