It is a truth universally classified that an ex-agent in possession of an undercover organization must eventually save a life.

Years ago, Will Darcy left the intelligence when he thought he had seen the last of notorious pimp, Mr Wickham. But what happens when a mysterious woman enters his life and they discover his best friend had never really been a med student at all? 

With his past and her present colliding, the stakes are higher than ever as they find themselves racing between the unforgiving hills of San Francisco and the slums of Serbian slavery.

[Pride and Espionage ideas had been a joint LBD Seahorses and genderific effort. Credits go to everyone! Watch shutyouruglydumptruckface’s kickass trailer here!]


Here is a master post of all of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries teas, available here on Adagio Teas. Enjoy!

Lizzie: [irish breakfasthazelnutblackberry] Firm and stubborn, but always with the best intentions. This tea may be off-putting at first, but has an underlying sweetness that will ultimately win you over with its heart.

Jane: [vanilla oolongraspberry patchcream, cinnamon] Freshly baked snickerdoodle—sorry, cinnamon sugar cookies, with a bit of raspberry zing. Gentle but firm, and always willing to see the good in people—because everyone deserves tea.

Lydia: [masala chaiblood orangeginger, chocolate chips] Outgoing, energetic, and never, ever, boring! You’ll go totes cray for this tea. Spicy, fruity, and sweet when you least expect it. 

Darcy: [assam melodycreamalmond, ginger] This blend may have a strong first impression, but it sweetens with time. A little nutty, slightly creamy, it brews up to be a handsome cuppa. The more you drink, the more you’ll come to love it.

Gigi: [white peonydewy cherry, vanilla green] Light, fun and upbeat, this will keep you on your feet no matter how unforgiving the hills may be. 

Fitz: [mocha nut matevanillacinnamon] Cozy and warm, with a bit of cinnamon spice. Like wearing a cozy sweater on a cool day, it’s a blend that is both familiar and exciting. An excellent tea for a good friend.

Bing: [honeybush vanillatoasted sesame] A warm and bright blend that will always do its best to make you smile. Sweet and unassuming, with the power to sweep you off your feet.

Charlotte: [earl grey moonlightchestnutcaramel] A calm and comforting blend inspired by the logical and level headed Charlotte. Soothing earl grey with chestnut and hints of caramel will keep you wondering how you ever got along without it.

Wickham: [tiger eyepeachginger, cinnamon] An eye-catching blend that’s sweet at first, but finishes with a bit of a bite. This one’s for you, Peach. 

So…yeah. TEA. Enjoy it, and let me know what you think!


Jane Bennet’s first and last appearance (Episode 2 || Episode 92)

My little sister’s second and last letter to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries people.

I might have bawled my eyes out while typing this for her.