Roundtable Discussion in the True Blood Writers Room
  • Brian Buckner:Ok everyone, last few episodes ever! What should we write about?
  • Writer 1:Fucking!
  • Writer 2:Teenagers Fucking!
  • Writer 1:With sex toys! In a Dungeon.
  • Writer 2:Violet's Dungeon. Which we are just now seeing for the first time :D
  • Writer 3:But let them get freaked out about it!
  • Writer 2:While their parents search over two states for them. Hilarious!
  • Brian Buckner:Ok, good. Now what about Sookie?
  • Writer 1:Also fucking!
  • Writer 2:But sad fucking.
  • Writer 3:Guilt fuck with Bill.
  • Brian Buckner:That's gold. Now why would she do that?
  • Writer 3:She gave him Hep V.
  • Writer 2:Memory loss. She can't remember the first 5 seasons.
  • Writer 1:Fairy Vagina needs sex like a vampire needs blood.
  • Brian Buckner:We need more flashbacks to previous seasons.
  • Writer 2:Does it have to make sense?
  • Writer 1:Has it ever?
  • Writer 3:We could bring back Hoyt.
  • Writer 2:Hey, we could bring back Hoyt.
  • Everyone:Yay! Hoyt.
  • Brian Buckner:We do need some filler.
  • Writer 3:Hoyt talks about new girlfriend.
  • Writer 1:Arlene fucking!
  • Writer 2:Random hallucinations.
  • Writer 1:Jason shirtless.
  • Writer 3:Eric and Pam.
  • Brain Buckner:What about Eric and Pam?
  • Writer 3:Pam can talk about their history -
  • Brian Buckner:No, we got enough of that already.
  • Writer 3:But -
  • Writer 1:Eric could stake their only lead!
  • Collective:Yeah!
  • Brian Buckner:But how would they find Sarah?
  • Writer 2:Japanese government. They're like the NSA anyway, right?
  • Brian Buckner:Go Team!