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Have you ever been really adamant about doing something, then all of a sudden you read something that causes you to rethink things? I’m kind of feeling that now.

Earlier today, I looked up a list of good places for aspiring animators/people who want to work in animation to live in.  Of course one doesn’t have to move to those places, but for me personally I was interested in L.A because well…L.A is definitely a more decent bet than say, Cincinnati (the area I’m from).  

Anyway, I looked at the list, and while L.A was on it (#2 on the list), they had other places like San Francisco, NYC (not surprised-#4), Seattle (#7 I think, Greenwich (totally forgot), and others.  Honestly, now I’m having second thoughts about L.A after graduating.  Now I’m kind of looking at other places, but mainly San Francisco (it was actually #1 on the list).  San Fran seems like quite a nice city-definitely artsy and the like.  

And obviously either way, it would mean I would save money (A LOT of money) to move if the time ever comes.  San Fran’s probably a little cheaper to live in than L.A, but I bet it’s still a hefty sum.

Idk, I guess I’m just making this post to think things out.  Also-anyone who either A) lives in San Fran or L.A or B) have visited both cities before, how do the locals compare? About the same, one group a little nicer than the other, etc.?

(just want to say-I’m sure both L.A and San Fran folk are lovely people-I don’t want to cause a city flame war-we’re all cool)