It has been reported by Page Six that #Beyonce has signed 3 new artists to her company Parkwood Entertainment. 2 of the 3 artists are LA-based sisters #ChloeBailey and #HalleBailey ..They have a $1 Million/6 Album contract with the company. The 3rd artist is New York based singer #SophieBeem, who has a $560,000 deal. Congrats are in order for the artists and Beyonce! I wish them nothing but success!

Mayweather isn’t a hero or champion. Champions don’t beat 5 different women on 7 different assault charges. Hero’s don’t slam his children’s mother’s face in with a car door then punch her several times. Mayweather is a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve a cent of that 80 million or any title other than scum woman beater.

Walking to my car and turn around my favorite rapper of all times @jayz walking right behind me with his bad ass wife @beyonce #Vegas #mayweather #moneyteam #LIFESTYLEENT #hadaball #couldabeenyou ™@lifestyleent 
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