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11, 19, 29, 30! :P

  • 11: You’re in hell! One song is playing on repeat for eternity. What song it it?— Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.
  • 19: You have to use one word in every sentence for the rest of your life. What word is it?— Fuck. That’s it. That’s the word.
  • 29: What’s your favorite meme?— Oh my god. I don’t really understand a lot of the newer ones but I remember when Overly Attached Girlfriend came out and that was definitely my favorite.
  • 30: Best surprise you’ve ever gotten?— Um. Probably my 15th birthday. A bunch of my friends were supposed to come over for my birthday and at the last minute they ALL cancelled on me and I was super depressed about it. So on the day it was supposed to happen my dad made me go outside to help him put the cover on the pool. It was the windiest fucking day and I was so annoyed that I had to do this. Anyway, once that was done, which took forever and a half, I went upstairs to my room and my friends were all in my room and they scared the crap out of me. I literally screamed, grabbed the doorframe, and sunk to the floor because they scared me so bad. But it made for an awesome birthday thing. So that.

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This is for the reblog thing. Once in 8th grade after I'd broken up with my boyfriend to find that my best friend started dating him. Middle of class I got really angry when she asked the math teacher a question. My fuse blew so I yelled " Shut up evil boyfriend stealing stupid " so she yelled "get over it overly attached ex girlfriend." So then I yelled "Well at least my toys are brand new. Not used"and she was baffled and the math teacher proceeded to clap with the enthusiasm of a 5 year old.

OMg. Ah middle school, a time absolutely no one misses.

Some unwitting meme celebrities embrace their fame. Earlier this year the Washington Post profiled Kyle Craven, more popularly known as “Bad Luck Brian,” a meme about a boy with hilariously and often very dark bad luck. Craven, who was always a class clown, capitalized on his fame. The Post reports that between licensing deals and T-shirts, he’s made between $15,000 and $20,000 in the last three years.

Others have tried to use their Internet fame as a catapult for an entertainment career. Laina Morris’ picture is easily recognizable — the bulging, crazy-looking eyes and loopy smile made her best known as the Overly Attached Girlfriend who makes ridiculous demands and accusations. Morris has tried to create a comedic career out of her online celebrity. She has a YouTube channel where she posts skits, and a Twitter account.

But for others, it’s a nightmare. Perhaps one of the most notable cases is Ghyslain Raza, “Star Wars Kid,” who in 2003 became one of the first viral memes. This was before YouTube launched, and Raza did not even post the video. He simply taped himself doing Star Wars-style fighting, for a school video club. His classmates secretly posted the video online, and it spread like wildfire. By the end of 2006, it had been clicked on over 900 million times. It has over 27 million views on YouTube, and was parodied on Family Guy, The Colbert Report and South Park.

For Raza, it was a teenage nightmare. He was bullied incessantly, to the point that he became depressed and dropped out of school to go to a children’s psychiatric ward. Raza’s family initiated a lawsuit against the families of the four students who posted the video online. The family eventually dropped one of the cases, and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.


When i no longer like a guy, i pretend to be an overly attached girlfriend or a clingy fucktard or sometimes, a confused fucked up girl so he would maintain his pride, just to break off with me and think that its his fault but feel that its best for a crazy bitch like me.
I would also not feel guilty for breaking off with him because i do not understand the choices he made or maybe because, we didnt hit it off after trying it out.

Maybe, deep inside, i am a fucked up bitch who reads up on psychology for sadistic purposes.