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Today I decided to share a song that I love: Final Masquerade.

Been to Boston.

Sort of stupid of me to title my last post “I’m back, baby” and then disappear for over a week.

Just got back from a friend’s wedding in Cape Cod, stayed in Boston and saw the a lot of my old Bennington crew [sans Savannah and Ian, who are busy with other things and other things respectively]. Had planned to do a short entry before leaving, just really didn’t get to in the mad-dash to get ready. Still, it was a hell of a vacation. Next several weeks are looking to be just as busy, well into August [with a birthday somewhere in there], almost none of it is even remotely creative [actually, there are two art shows I’m going to this weekend, I just mean nothing scheduled is me being creative], and even today I had to polish off a review for my continuing freelance gig. But goddammit, I really need to get back to writing and posting. Someone recently told me they died a little inside every time they came here - and if that’s not high enough praise to keep me going, I don’t know what is.

Might recap the whole vacation here soon. Right now, I’m playing mad catch-up, and trying to get in everything that has been neglected in my absence, so this is just a short “I’m still here” kind of post. I’ve missed some crazy things while I’ve been gone though – including the end of the web comic “Pictures of Crying Children” - which if you remember, I submitted a few scripts to earlier in the year. It looks like both CheriAnn and Ian are moving on to bigger, more ambitious projects now that they are post their nuptials, but the news still blew me away because CheriAnn had been posting a great deal of redesigns on the comics characters. Sad to see it go [especially since I was able to be involved, which is one of my biggest online opportunities to date], but I understand wanting to do different things, and I’m happy they’re not sticking around working on something that they don’t really want to do anymore. Walking away from something you’re used to is fucking hard, and I respect anyone able to stretch themselves outside their usual boundaries. Plus, it’s not entirely gone, as you can sign up for a mailing list here, to keep up with all PCC-related materials, and the other projects the creators are working on.

Meanwhile, my good buddy John of the Bathroom Monologues has his Friday Flash essay in a contest over at Mad Utopia, and I encourage anyone reading this to go vote for him - it’s a great piece, and even though I’m not involved in Twitter’s #fridayflash community, the possibilities it affords certain writers can’t be underplayed. Plus, John’s celebration of it is just fantastic. Go. Vote. You only have until Saturday.

Also, Eric M. Esquivel of Modern Mythology Press had a new Bleeding Cool article go up today, and it looks like Hannah Miet’s book of poetry is coming along at a respectable pace too, along with getting some of her work in a downloadable e-book. Plus, Zoe [from AnachroLush] has posted up a few things from a personal project she’s been working on.

All good stuff. Go check them out.

Gifts from Afar [New York]

One of the cool things about having friends living all over the world is that when I go out to get the mail, occasionally, I’ll find something like this:

This was addressed to me from my friend Elle, a fellow Bennington alum who I actually didn’t know at school, but through the wonders of social networking and mutual insomnia she has become one of the unlucky few to hear me go on and on about comic books at 4 o'clock in the morning.

A few months back the topic at hand between us was the launch of “Demo Vol. 2,” the highly anticipated sequel of the first Demo by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan. I’d picked up the entire first series as back issues at the Alternate Universe in New Haven, CT, and to call me a fan would be a bit of an understatement. Wood was a writer who’d been on my “everything this guy does is awesome” radar since he picked up Generation X from Warren Ellis back in 2000, and though I had near no knowledge of Cloonan’s work before Demo, her natural talent coupled with fact that any comic in black and white makes me drool meant I fell in love with that book from the first page. Did it reek of indy-comic-ness? Yes, of course, as I’ve already said, it was in black and white, and had playlists in the back to go with the book. But guess what? I like indy comics, and for me, something like Demo hit all the right places.

Hell, I even had a short e-mail run-in with Brian Wood because of it. During college, I was looking for a writer to intern with on an independent study project. Naturally, I thought of Wood, and contacted him. And while yes, he turned me down, he pretty much told me why anyone was going to turn me down, and left me with some kind words and a few more letters after that, making me feel like, hey, this guy actually cares about his audience.

Crazy world. So naturally, I was really pleased when I opened the package and saw what was inside:

Along with a couple of rad postcards by Ken Brown and Genevieve Hafner, a copy of the third issue of the Brooklyn Based free comics paper “Smoke Signal” and yes, that’s a package of Emergen-C, was Demo, Issue 1, Volume 2.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But Randall, wait. Sure, it was awfully sweet of your friend to send you that comic, but didn’t you say you were a huge fan of all things Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan? Didn’t you say you were soooo excited for Demo’s new volume? Why wouldn’t you, as a fan, have bought a copy yourself. Certainly anything published through Vertigo Comics could have been easily put on your pull-list of Cheryl’s Comics in Charleston, WV?

Well, first, stop being a dick. And second, yes, I did already have Demo #1 Vol. 2. But the copy that Elle sent me was just a little bit different…

Take it in, fanboy. Take it in.

Elle picked this little gem up at the Demo release party, something I was reserved to just hear about via Wood’s and Cloonan’s twitter accounts, while she was able to experience first hand. Now, this wasn’t exactly a complete surprise as she ran me through her impression of the event on the internet, but with probate and Dad’s insurance, and trying to get all the freelancing going, the fact that she’d done this rather amazing thing for me had slipped my mind.

It’s made all the sweeter by just how excellent the title has been, particularly Issue 3, entitled “Volume 1 Love Story,” which I am willing to say might be the greatest single-issue comic book story I have ever read, and may just be one of the best comics ever written. And while I say that, knowing full well that some may think it’s hyperbole, or at the very least just disagree with me, “Volume 1 Love Story” along with the two issues that preceded it [Issue 1 I have signed!! – you know, if case you missed that part] have really reminded me why I wanted to write comics so much in the first place.

Reminders are good, and so are gifts, and though it probably sounds terrible and materialistic, such gifts can serve as nice reminders that we are not as alone in the world as we sometimes feel. It’s a big place, and the people who I like and who interest me the most are not all right down the street from me, and while I usually expect the internet to bridge that gap, this is one of those occasions where snail mail actually made the connection. And I can’t begin to tell Elle how much it means to me that she did this, and I will proudly set aside my signed copy of Demo #1 in a place where it will be safe, but also accessible, so I can pull it out and show it off, as any signed #1 in the hands of a total geek should be.

And if I am anything, it’s a total geek. Can’t thank you enough, Elle. If not for the distance, I would have told you in post-its.

In the interests of worrying, if you’ve ever sent me something neat or eclectic [not that it happens all that often] and I haven’t posted about here, I apologize. I’ll admit I’ve only just now thought of doing this. Also, if you can tell, I’ve been feeling a little more comfortable with my -0.2 megapixel camera that’s in my phone, and I might be trying some more entries like this, if there’s any interest.

Other goings on. My first deadline for the Dentist’s website was today. Turned out pretty well, there’s still some small things to be done before the publication deadline, but I feel good about how it all turned out. I’ll shoot out some links as soon as I’m told I’m allowed to [probably be a couple weeks], and I should be getting my first check soon. Won’t be getting rich off of this kind of work, of course, nor am I looking too, but I will admit to still getting a charge out of the “people will pay me to put words on a page?” concept.

Writing for Crying Children IV [Guest Comic]

CheriAnn and Ian have used another of my scripts over at “Pictures of Crying Children,” meaning they have about four left, unless my math and memory is painfully wrong. And while I’ve no idea if they’ve any plans to use those leftovers, I’m really pleased with how this one turned out, especially since it’s a little more slap-stick, and a little more straight forward than the stuff I usually write.

The funny thing is, if you look at some of my earlier stuff, some of the mini-Sulks I wrote at Bennington, and some of the other short comics, a lot of them had this formula, the long, explanatory dialogue with someone getting hurt by the last panel [my and Sam’s first comic ended with a punch, I wrote another with a dude getting his hair yanked out, etc]. For some reason none of those [save the first] ever got produced as real comics, and I just hadn’t written anything like them in awhile – but at PCC, causing Nixon pain is always a good time, so we have me coming home in some ways, revisiting new territory in others [as is the case when you’re so early on that you’re not exactly sure what your “style” is].

Head over there and read the full comic. I’m really happy with what they did with my script, and think it’s a pretty good laugh to be had on this all-too-warm Friday. And most definitely flip back through a couple of comics if you’re behind on your PCC reading, because not only have they been using the scripts I’ve sent them, but one of them – one that might have to do with Emilio’s Hot Box Thrust – wound up turning in to something like a storyline for them. I was flattered to see they got so much mileage out of one of the few pieces of 80s minutia I had in me, with the result being exactly what you hope for when you collaborate with someone new, but rarely expect – inspiring someone.

That got a little too close to patting myself on the back, when CheriAnn and Ian are the stars here, and I encourage everyone to head over and check out the new comic. And with their impending nuptials, I know they’re looking for guest work to fill in the time when they’ll be doing… whatever it is newlyweds do […scrabble?], so any artists or writers looking to step in and join the ranks of yours truly on being a small part of their comics, this is your chance.

And thanks to them again, for giving me the opportunity to write a little for them. Good times.

Just to mix things up, I figured I’d include my usual Twitter links in the post proper today. Give you a good idea just part of what we offer here at the Mojo Wire, in case you don’t frequent Twitter or look to the right hand side of this page very often.

Glen Brogan gets psyched for the new Scott Pilgrim movie in a way that, quite frankly, puts the rest of us getting psyched for the new Scott Pilgrim movie to shame.

John Wiswell is harassing giants in today’s Bathroom Monologue.

Finally, Sarah Crow does the post-April Fools gossip roundup, and we all have another reason to be interested in Anna Paquin.

Keep watching this space, and Twitter, for more links and updates.

troglobite asked:

if you're driving anywhere--then like. be forewarned that snow shoveling trucks are different for like every city? our road was never cleared properly, but down in bennington is was cleared like four times before we ever woke up. shit's ALWAYS ICY. parking lots are like never cleared after a certain hour?? idk. the highway up to st. albans is a windy ice tube be careful driving there if you do in the winter. just bring bug spray for aug-oct/may-juneand fifty layers for nov-april.

Note taken: layers, bug spray, snow/ice!

The plan is to get a bike and ride that everywhere, so hopefully I won’t have to do much dangerous icy driving.