This term, I have the incredible opportunity to watch a show I wrote get produced, and observe all steps of the production. I know many playwrights think about productions when they write, but I really don’t — for a long time, to me a script is just a word document. I’m starting to really appreciate how much more life a script has than that as I watch the director, actors and designers unpack from it and physicalize the world of the play.

I’ve posted about this show on the blog before — it’s called “How Time Bombs Must Feel.” My initial impulse to write the play was because I wanted to explore the construction of masculine identity in high school as it affects the people around them. I wrote it as a final project for a workshop class and I took a term to rewrite it in a rewriting class and then I kept rewriting….

Right now, I just can’t wait to see what it becomes. Among the cast are fellow bloggers Matt and Rory, Parke is directing and Sam is doing sets. And another show, written by my friend Tenara called FAIRY TALE, is going up in concert with ours. A little festival. A little celebration of student work. You can see our two casts doing table work together in the photo on the bottom right.

Alan ‘15


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The Incarceration In America initiative will continue with a series of programming to shed light on the fact that the U.S. has the “highest documented rate of incarceration in the world”. The spring events will culminate in the “Effecting Change - Spring 2015 Conference”. You can learn more about the events and the Incarceration in America initiative on the website

anonymous asked:

How is the computer science program in Bennington?

The computer science program here is awesome primarily because of this guy:

Andrew Cencini. 

Andrew teaches all of the computer science courses here at Bennington. He does a fantastic job of using computer science as a solid base on which to build a liberal arts education. He is very well connected in the tech world and uses those connections in his classes and to help find students FWT’s and jobs. 

His classes are very hands on - from day one you are coding. His classes will give you the solid foundation you need to get a job in the tech world - or any other world. Often his classes are project based, for example, his class build a distributed file system, another class built a radio telescope that is now up on the roof of Dickinson (our science building). Last year I took a class with him where we used code to create forms in a 3D modeling program, Rhino, and then made those forms physical with various projects such as drawings on the CNC machine and built a structure from a bunch of 2x4’s that we generated with code. 

We take lots of cool field trips in his classes - we visited a cellular tower, toured the Internet at Bennington, he and a few students hiked up a mountain to go see something (I can’t remember what) and he usually leads an annual trip to the MIT Flea Market.

Here is a good year in review from last year - you should read it because it explains this glorious photo. It also talks about what advanced work in computer science could look like. 

Andrew is easily excited and if you have a project in mind he will figure out how to work with you to make it happen. 

Also, keep up with what is happening in Science, Math, and Computing at Bennington on this blog!