Seasonal change is a divine principle. No season whether natural or spiritual lasts forever. Your season of pain will end someday. Your season of constant conflict will end some day. Your bareness and emptiness will come to an end.

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:5.

Video game lessons

"Video games are a dangerous tool in our society. "

Excuse you. Video games have opened my eyes to things I would have never learned in school or from a teacher. They have taught me all of the following:
*be prepared for the worst just in case
*there can’t always be a good and evil
*strategy is vital for most things
*some people can’t be convinced
*you have to fight and speak up for what you believe
*sometimes you have to step up and lead to make a change
*nothing is as easy as it seems

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Dear Dreamers

You can’t continue to do the same stuff year after year and expect new results. Our old ways and habits have to go. Our actions, thoughts, environment, and moves have to line up with our purpose. Get yourself together this year Dreamers. God gave each of us so much power, creativity, gifts, and talents. Anytime God gives us something he expects us to utilize it. We have the power to change our circumstances.  

Take control of your destiny and put what you want out into the Universe. If your life isn’t progressing and evolving it’s your fault. You can’t be the old you and the new you at the same time. When you get a new mind about something, you can handle it in a new way. When your perspective, actions, feelings, and thoughts change your life will Get So Much Better. Do whatever it is that God has been tugging at your heart to do. Let go of everything that isn’t benefiting your growth. Sometimes we block our own blessings when we’re in denial and refuse to change. It’s a scary journey but you’ll be so proud of yourself. Sometimes we block our own blessings when we make excuses for our behavior and actions. 

When you’re good everyone around you will benefit from It. Evaluate your life, make some changes, and start living. Stop going in circles! If you don’t like you’re environment move. If you’re tired of some of the friends that you chose get some new ones. If you’re tired of your career or your job. By all means make a clock out forever plan and go do what the heck you love to do. If you don’t have any kids you shouldn’t have any excuses because It’s just you. Go live your life step out on faith, and go get your Dreams. If you want something bad enough you’ll be creative and find a way to make it happen. Work your ass off and go be amazing!!!