So here’s what’s happening.

IV’s friends try to cover up the fact that he’s dating a 14 year old by saying said partner is 16. They also constantly switch between saying that the partner is 14, 15, and 16. Upon that, they also alternate IV’s age (which is 18 right now) by saying he’s 17.

IV and his friends accuse Tira who dated a 17 year old who turned 18, of being a pedophile despite being abused by IV and ignore IV’s 14-year-old partner.

Daredevil is dark as fuck yall

Ok, so like, just a FYI since a few people showed up in my inbox asking me about this.

As we already knew, this show is extremely dark and violent and all the fight scenes are really graphic. They did not go easy on this, I am on episode 3 and we had a lot of blood and bones were showing up and everything was very very graphic. There are also more than one suicide scenes (one of them is very bloody and will catch you by surprise) and a scene that can ressemble sexual assault for some. In Brazil they gave the show the higgest content rating (18+).

That being said, if you are sensitive towards blood and gore, violence, torture or anything I listed above and you just don’t wanna watch any of those things, this show is not for you and I would not recommend you to watch it.

*So far, there weren’t any sex scenes on the show, I’ll upload this as I keep watching it.

黒子テツヤ + キセキの世代
Happy Birthday Maria!! | 14/02/15
18 things I learned while being 18

(Since it’s my last day being 18 I decided to write this)

1. Its ok to be homesick while you’re away at college
2. Dying your hair black is probably a bad decision
3. Eating bananas helps with cramps
4. Don’t ever put someone else’s mental health before your own.
5. If you don’t feel happy in the relationship anymore you should probably   leave.
6. Drinking orange juice in a rush to get to class after you brushed your       teeth is really gross.
7. Don’t wear a white shirt while drinking coffee
8. It’s ok to be nervous at a job interview
9. Going to a different country is the best thing you’re ever going to         experience
10. Getting tattoos hurt
11. Getting tattoos are probably the second best thing you’re ever going to experience
12. Just because you don’t spend as much time with someone doesn’t       mean they’re not still your best friend
13. Texting your grandma isn’t has fulfilling as calling her.
14. Making new friends is difficult.
15. Making new friends is also pretty fucking cool.
16. Making decisions that will change your life are the worst but extremely   necessary.
17. Working out can be fun.
18. People will understand that you have anxiety and are going to help you,  but you have to ask for the help.

Bonus 19. Loving yourself is difficult but it’s worth it all in the end.


                                        Wish I’d never grown up
                                       I wish I’d never grown up