anastasia-of-the-storm said:

Your drawing made me imagine that at that point Lalnable had kidnapped Nano and lalna was asking him where he'd taken her. But the truth was that in Lalnables timeline the flux drove nano insane to the point she wasn't really herself before. Lalna then went insane, became Lalnable and began to research the testificates as a way to find a cure for nano. Now he's travelled back in time, insane but still with that one singular drive to save his apprentice before its too late...

Myeah, everyone seemed to have the impression that Lalnable had something to Nano and Lalna was angry and stuff. I was actually more thinking like,

"I don’t like you. I don’t know who you are, but you disgust me. I swear to God, if I didn’t need you, I’d have put a bullet through your head already. But you know more than me. Four years of research I haven’t done yet and four years of technology that’s more advanced than what I have. Tell me everything you know about the Flux, and most importantly, how to cure it."


Being bullied and tormented by kids at school and family members because of my weight my entire life, here is a big F*CK YOU. After two back to back babies, too. I’m 5’3, my highest weight ever was 275 lbs, and the last time I weighed myself I was 138 lbs. I don’t own a scale so I don’t know for sure. I’m in the middle of Insanity right now. If I can do it, you can do it.


101,41 to be exact!

Highest weight: 123 kg / 271,16 lbs

Weight today: 77,0 kg / 169,75 lbs

so i left the 170’s too! what a day! i cant believe it! :D

its amazing what swimming, lifting weights, running, yoga, blogilates, 30 day shred and insanity can do to your body!

i wont lie, it wasnt always easy. i had to fight hard against my depression. but i’m winning my life back, more and more with each day!

August ‘12 to almost June ‘13
I’m not a size 2, don’t have a fucking thigh gap, or wash board abs, or any of the other ridiculous prerequisites society has placed on women in order for them to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I have/am working hard on my body and my habits so that I, for myself only, like what is looking back at me from the mirror. Today is the first time since I hit puberty that I actually liked what I saw looking back at me. I felt confident, comfortable, sexy, and beautiful. That is all.


Ian&Mickey + alphabet [insp.]

So these are my 4 weeks of Insanity results!

I notice the most change in my stomach: like my belly button. I know these are not super drastic results, but I’m pretty happy with it so far :) You can’t tell but I am actually seeing my abs peek through. I’m definitely stronger and faster in the workouts: I can pump out push-ups, and my endurance for running has even improved.

I love Insanity!

I’ve came a long way, and though I still have far to go, I’m proud of my progress. The strength and confidence I’ve gained overflows into every aspect of my life. Get up everyday and fight for what you deserve. Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. Ditch the scales. Ditch the weight goals. The goal is healthy. It’s 2014. Please don’t quit