Women’s World Cup Final. Created this monstrosity during Mikey and Suzie’s Women’s World Cup Final Party. It consists of two beef franks, one turkey frank, two hamburger patties, two slices of american cheese, spicy brown mustard and ketchup. Not really sure what I was thinking, in fact, by this point I’m sure my good friend Sailor Jerry was making all my important decisions for me.


Today was yet another fantastic day! I got to see a Japanese baseball game! Go Fukuoka Hawks! We lost 8 - 1 but it wa still an amazing time! Although I did have to make the tough choice at the concession stand. Do I go with the chicken burger with the boiled egg center, or the beef frank with brown curry chili on top. Hmmm. choices choices. After the game we hit somewhat of a local institution. It’s a ramen shop with three menu items. Ramen, Ramen with rice, and Ramen with rice and pot stickers. I ofcourse went with option three which was, as expected, AMAZING! Japanese food is by fsr my favorite (although I quick trip to Taco Bell or Chick-fil-a really couldn’t hurt right now haha)