I was going through photos of my old creations and i honestly can’t believe that this little bee is already 2 years old!!! Boo the bee was the first creation I had that got featured on the tumblr radar and I am still so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities this gave me!!!

Also been working on a couple cuties, which i cannot wait to show you!!

Ps, i hope you guys enjoyed the october newsletter :) if you haven’t received it, please do check the spam part of your email :)

boo the bee pattern and other patterns can be found here: http://bit.ly/SNCshop

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I don’t know anything about taking pictures, all i do is take pictures of things for me to reference later when drawing and all I have is a point n’click but SHARING A FEW OF THE PICTURES FROM TODAY ANYWAY because why not

The rose garden was so beautiful today it wasn’t all planted the last time I went to the botanical garden but boy howdy they have EVERY COLOUR OF ROSE I SWEAR I have like a dozen more of the exact same static image of various roses in various colours because SO MANY COLOURS but I wont make you look at them all laughs. 

also bees. so many bees. SO MANY BEES. I didnt take any photos of where most of them were but a few of them appeared when i went to take a photo so i obligingly followed them from flower to flower and got mostly pictures of their butts but I TRIED. MAYBE NEXT TIME. i love bees