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  • Things that will turn me into a sobbing mess:any mention of Beth Childs on Orphan Black

See here’s my thing. I love Z, I really do, and I support him. I’m not gonna drag the song, I’m not gonna get on Z’s ass. 

I am gonna say that I’m not paying a single cent for music released with Naughty Boy. I want to support Z, but I’m not going to support the game NB is playing, and if Z is involved I’m disappointed in him. Promo or not, this is not good, and I want to believe that Z is better than that. 


iris in every episode 
1.01: pilot 

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

anonymous asked:

You like Steven universe now?

yeah it’s cute! I was just annoyed (and still kinda am) that so many people asked me nonstop to watch it in the past months and some were pretty rude about it

Anon:I love your drawing of the Crystal Gems! Does this mean that you’ve started watching SU, or was this just because everyone was asking?

first one! usually the “everyone was asking” has the complete opposite effect on me

Anon:hoLY SHITE YOU DREW THE SU CHARACTERS they look fantastic in your style uvu [i hope people stop nagging you to watch the show now lmao]

thank you very much! hah a I hope so too;

Anon:i dont mean to be pushy but, are you going to watch all of steven universe? it gets really good and heavy after season 1a

I already did watch all of it!

throwback to 120331 #3yearswithhunhan 

If time were to turn back, I would still choose both of you as biases and otp, thank you for the past 3 years. There’s been a little problem these days, but one does not simply take away a shipper’s heart and ask to move on. So, regardless of being together or separated, I’ll still support both of you. And till the day you both meet again, I will be waiting. In SeLu we trust! Happy miracle (April) month to everyone!! 


#and him—jack sparrow (captain) for whom wanting is poisoned honey#everything he has ever wanted is/was/has been/ever shall be comes with a sting in the tail#he wanted a ship and the ship is his doom#he wanted immortality and it took his crew#he wanted the sea and it took his liberty#he wanted his freedom and it made him a pirate#and then here is this girl—this burning wanting desirous determined girl#and she’s terrifying#because everything jack sparrow has ever wanted comes to him cursed#there’s almost a relief when she cuffs him to the mast#he thought it might be worse than a little dying#and at the very least—at the very least he can look her in the eye and snarl ”pirate” because now she’ll know it too#that terrible bitterness the wanting brings (via notbecauseofvictories) (based on this FLAWLESS META)

sometimes i remember when Jude started making up that story about his father in s1 and Connor was like ‘why are you lying?’ 

It reminds me of ‘why did you kick me at all?’ and at first i thought it was Connor’s sass showing but then i realised it’s a characteristic of Connor’s personality. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he looks up to Jude for being able to be open and proud about who he is, and he probably feels like there’s a clash in the image he built around Jude when he lies/kicks him. 

I feel like Connor is a grounding presence in Jude’s life, he reminds him not to be impulsive when it comes to protecting his emotions, and Jude makes Connor a little bit reckless, he inspires him to be brave and confident.

They balance each other out. They fit. 


“what’s ur gender?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  “but what’s in ur pants?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!
I’ve seen a lot of selfies on my dash and read a lot of stories and experiences that people have shared. It’s great to see so much support and everyone looks so cute and amazing I cannot deal.



Adulthood au

I’m so nervous ///sweats. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in creative process/artistic language, b-but I’m always curious to see how other artists understand characters or draw them or… or whatever s-so… *voice cracks*. All of them are related to the Adulthood au, so their faces aren’t going to match  with Furudate’s ;_;. 

Um… I use 2-4 different brushes for each lineart, normally. The texturized one for rough hair- like Daichi’s or Kuroo’s- and two different smooth brushes for the rest of the characters (even I have a really, really rough one for sandy hairs). aslkjflaksjdf I really love designing characters. Like. Really. Too much.  

U-um thank you for all your questions and support, guys!!! You’re fucking awesome!!