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Artwork: “The Winner”, by Balázs Solti (Hungary)


Behind The Macy’s Balloons (PHOTOS)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons have been riding high since 1927 when Felix the Cat first took to the skies. As a kid I was fascinated by how these enormous titans were flown through the the narrow streets of NYC, and now as an adult I am fascinated by how they are created. VP of Macy’s Parade Studios, John Piper was kind enough to give me an behind the scenes look at the making of these holiday icons. Enjoy the photos!

See more photos behind the making of the Macy’s Day Parade balloons here. 

(Photos by: Ken Hamm check out his Instagram,FacebookTwitter)

Loss of Arctic sea ice to doom polar bears

by Jan Piotrowski

A world without cubs. That will be the reality facing polar bears in 60 years, when retreating sea ice turns their remaining habitat into a lethal nursery for youngsters, if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked.

By 2075, losing all newborn cubs could be commonplace in many parts of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago – a vast wilderness home to a quarter of the estimated global population of 20,000 polar bears – according to research led by Stephen Hamilton from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Without much of a new generation coming through to replace older bears, extinction of the species would seem certain – but putting a date on when that is likely to be is hard without knowing exactly how many bears are out there.

Hamilton’s study is the major one to model when ice loss across the archipelago will make places unable to support polar bears. It also found that older animals are likely to be dying in large numbers by the end of the century.

(read more: New Scientist)

photograph: Alain Bidart/Biosphoto/FLPA


Làm chủ người khác là sức mạnh. Làm chủ chính mình là sức mạnh thật sự 
(“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” - ngạn ngữ)

Hình xăm Gấu - nắm giữ sức mạnh quyết định số phận 

Hình ảnh của loài Gấu được những bộ tộc da đỏ Bắc Mỹ nhắc tới như một chiến binh đích thực, với sức mạnh ẩn sâu sẵn sàng bùng nổ cương quyết, khó đoán.

Với vẻ ngoài hùng dũng, chậm chạm, chắc chắn - Gấu tượng trưng cho những nhà hiền triết đức độ. Hay bậc đàn anh nghĩa khí, đáng tín vô cùng.

Dù có được thuần hóa, loài gấu cũng khó có thể làm bạn, giúp sức lao động cho con người. Điều này chứng minh cho bản tính không chịu khuất phục, bản lĩnh kiên định giữ vững mình đáng nể phục