in the four months i’ve had this blog i’ve managed to amass a huge amount of icons, most of which have psds / borders i no longer use. rather than letting them sit on my hard drive forever untouched, i’m posting them for anyone who wants them !!!! just give this post a like ( and credit is always nice, too ) && have at them !!

***these all include psds.

large border, vibrant psd. unorganized, 771 icons. ( download. )

small border, vibrant psd, 5,541 icons –  686 from season 1, 1,125 from season two, and 3,630 from marie’s other projects. ( download. )

small border, pastel psd, 1,533 icons773 from season 2 and 760 from marie’s other projects. ( download. )

its mine. my name is mine.

its me and its not you youre disgusting you dont deserve my name my name is me and you dont want to be me you hate me so why the hell are you trying to steal my name

my name is my kindness and my love and my friendliness and its my innocence and myself its me and you have none of those things. you are not kind. you are not loving. you are not friendly. you are not me. 

you tried to claim you were me once before and couldnt keep it up, so now youre trying to steal my name but you dont deserve it. youre disgusting. youre pitiful. youre lonely and you always will be and its because youre mean youre terrible and you only ever hate. 

my name is for me, not for someone like you whos kin of serial killers and rapists and threatens violence adn is just disgusting. i hate you i hate you i hate you stop trying to steal myself from me just for some sick laugh youre disgusting