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Was the scene in 2x13 when the delinquents defended themselves with the barricade a symbol of Les Mis? A lot of fans have thought of Les Mis during this scene and I was just wondering if there was meant to be a parallel there.

Great eye!

Yes, we definitely looked toward Les Mis as inspiration for the 47’s plight on Level 5. And our director of that episode, Dean White, also talked a lot about a certain bloody close-quarters fight in a movie called Snowpiercer.

SWS/PTV World Tour

So here’s my long-ass post about the concert I just went to.

Pvris - I am so glad that I listened to them before this concert because I was able to see them KILL IT live. Lynn is an amazing vocalist. People in the back kept pushing everyone forward towards the barricade (some people got hurt), and she kept calling them out on it (no one stopped because by the time the concert ended, I was like 5 feet from the barricade and I started out maybe 30ish feet away and didn’t actively try to move forward myself). I wish their set was longer, and I’m excited for their new music. They were amazing.

Mallory Knox - The fact that I’m listening to them as I write this should tell you what I thought of them. This tour is their first time in America (they’re from the UK), and this concert was their first in Texas, so I think we made them feel very welcome. Not many people have heard of them, but you wouldn’t notice because everyone got really into it. They also kept asking nicely for people to stop pushing forward so much. They were amazing, and I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.

Sleeping with Sirens - They really know how to increase anticipation because first they turned on the giant screens with their logo on it, so everyone thought they were coming on. They weren’t. Then like 10 minutes later, they unveiled (ha, see what I did there) their giant “kick me” banner in the back of the stage , so again everyone thought they were coming on. Nope. Everyone was getting a little unsettled by the lack of rock, which I’m guessing was their plan anyway. But THEN THEY CAME ON. AND ROCKED THEY DID. I wish there were more “cheers” and “ears and eyes” songs in their setlist (but my perfect setlist for them would be their entire discography), and kellin’s mic didn’t seem loud enough, but those are my only “complaints” (not really complaints). They played “roger rabbit” during a mini acoustic set, which was incredible (Kellin has an amazing voice) and had a lot of streamers shot into the crowd. They also had a bunch of beach balls sent into the crowd (which only reminded me of when fall out boy did that during “young volcanoes” on the save rock and roll tour). Also, this was the beginning of the mosh pits that randomly formed during the rest of the concert. I didn’t actively participate in any (I kind of wanted to), but I’ll have a couple bruises tomorrow nonetheless. Right before the last verse of “if you can’t hang”, they stopped and had everyone hold up their phones with the flash on, so I turned around to see it. It looked so incredible. Kellin also gave a great speech about how everyone is capable of making change in the world. They were amazing. Excited for the new album coming out soon.

Pierce the Veil - Okay, so here’s the thing. I have been in love with this band for a while now, and I thought my love for them was bulletproof had already peaked. I WAS SO WRONG. I found a new level of love for them tonight. THEY WERE AMAZING. The energy they created was so incredible. Every time they stopped playing, even if it was for a minute, we all just chanted their name until they started again. Their entrance was also really cool. They but a huge banner with the girl from the “collide with the sky” album cover up that covered the entire stage (I’ll post a picture of it), and as “may these noises startle you in your sleep tonight” played, they would show the silhouettes of jaime, tony, mike, and vic individually against the banner. It was such a cool effect and built up the tension until “hell above” began. It was also so cool to hear the line “talking to my mom about this little girl in Texas” from “caraphernelia” live in Texas. Very meta. During the part where vic introduced everyone in the band, as if we didn’t know who they were already, they forced us to make as large of a circle pit as we could while mike drummed a fast beat (I would have joined but I didn’t want to lose my spot). They had an acoustic part where it was just vic and his guitar playing “I’m low on gas and you need a jacket”, and it was so good and flair for the dramatic, which I love. Vic loved getting the crowd involved with each song because he knows we know every word and love getting to sing/scream along. And he sang the opening verse to “bulletproof love” to a fan they brought up to the stage (who looked like she was going to pass out, but I don’t blame her). After that, they “left”, obviously getting ready for the encore, so everyone start chanting “king for a day”. And hearing that opening riff live might have made my heart explode. It would have been cool to hear a “flair for the dramatic” song, like “currents convulsive”, but again, my perfect setlist for them would have been their entire discography. I know I’m probably missing some stuff, but…10/10 would recommend. And I need the new album now. Like right now. Give it to me.

I’ll end this by saying that I went to this concert by myself, yet didn’t feel completely alone once. And that’s a great feeling to have. 

tl;dr I lost my voice a little and have a few bruises, sore legs from standing and jumping, and maybe a headache (a few people crowd-surfed into the back of my head), but this was one of the best experiences of my life. There were so many cool people there, and every act was incredible.

So my uncles owns a pub and we were having a few drinks when one of the bar men comes over and tells us that a naked man had barricaded himself in and was washing himself in the male bathrooms. So my uncle calls the cops, and 2 policemen rock up. Turns out this man had simultaneously shit himself whilst shooting up in one of the back alleys. He then jumped over the beer garden fence and had gone into the bathrooms to wash himself and his clothes. Apparently this is not the first time something like this has happened. And that kids, is why you shouldn’t take drugs.

One would have said, to see the pensive thoughtfulness of his glance, that he had already, in some previous state of existence, traversed the revolutionary apocalypse. He possessed the tradition of it as though he had been a witness.
He was acquainted with all the minute details of the great affair. A pontifical and warlike nature, a singular thing in a youth. He was an officiating priest and a man of war; from the immediate point of view, a soldier of the democracy; above the contemporary movement, the priest of the ideal.

Enough with obsessing over this just get it posted already.

Wishing you all a happy contemplative completely non-trivial gah whatever i can’t think of any suitable adjectives Barricade Day.

[It’s already 5th June where I am. ;-)]

[I have no acceptable excuse for Jehan’s bare feet, and I apologise. It’s just that I tend to draw my figures in the nude first and then lay the clothing sketch *over* that - and while filling it all in I decided it would be a shame to cover up the feet. Ah well… it’s probably something that someone who’s given to Romantic excesses might do anyway. Even if it’s risking tetanus, but that’s Joly’s problem, not mine.]

A lines-only version here, just in case anybody wants to play colouring book with it or something. ;-)