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There's a fanfic I've been looking for that I've yet to read since I lost the link. In it Bilbo is deaf and is taught iglishmek by someone. I can't actually remember who, but I do remember Thorin is supposed to be pretty mean to Bilbo at the beginning. I think it's an arranged marriage?

Life is What You Make It:

A poison is infecting the land around the Lonely Mountain.

Greenwood has been infected into Mirkwood and Dale’s farm lands can no longer fully support Dale, let alone the Dwarves of Erebor.

In hopes of easing the burden on the land, their eyes turn to the West, where their allies in the Blue Mountains have informed them of a peaceful and fertile land called the Shire.

Thrain sends his best representative, Balin, to the Shire to offer an alliance with the Hobbits that reside there, in hopes of opening a trade route between them.

However, the residents of the Shire are hesitant to offer such an alliance with the Dwarves, when Thráin offers a political marriage between his son, the Crown Prince Thorin Oakenshield, and one of the Shire’s choosing to be a proper representative of the Shire. They have only one question; would Thráin take offense if the Hobbit in question was not…perfect.

His response is ‘no’, and thus one Bilbo Baggins was sent to Erebor to be married to Heir Apparent Thorin Oakenshield.

But no one really expected Bilbo.

Thirty film Christines, each  more fabulous than the last!

1) Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
2) Hu Ping in Song at Midnight (1937)
3) Susanna Foster in Phantom of the Opera (1943)
4) Susanna Foster in The Climax (1944)
5) Ana Luisa Peluffo in The Phantom of the Operetta (1960)
6) Amelita Vargas in The Phantom of the Opera (1955)
7) Betty Loh-Ti in Midnightmare (1962)
8) Heather Sears in The Phantom of the Opera (1962)
9) Barbara Howard in The Monster of the Opera (1964)
10) Jessica Harper in Phantom of the Paradise (1974)
11) Skye Aubrey in The Phantom of Hollywood (1974)
12) Emily Spindler in The Meateater (1979)
13) Jane Seymour in The Phantom of the Opera (1983)
14) Cristina Marsillach in Opera (1987)
15) Edwige Fenech in Phantom of Death (1988)
16) Kari Whitman in Phantom of the Mall (1988)
17) Deborah van Walkenburgh in Phantom of the Ritz (1988)
18) Jill Schoelen in The Phantom of the Opera (1989)
19) Teri Polo in The Phantom of the Opera (199)
20) Jill Schoelen in Popcorn (1991)
21) Carolina Ferraz in The Phantom of the Opera (1991)
22) Michelle Zeitlin in Dance Macabre (1992)
23) Ivey Lloyd in Rigoletto (1993)
24) Jacqueline Chien-Lien Wu in The Phantom Lover (1995)
25) Asia Argento in Phantom of the Opera (1998)
26) Emmy Rossum in The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
27) Kelly I. Lynn in Prometheus Triumphant (2009)
28) Autumn Hyun in Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse (2010)
29) Minnie Driver in Stage Fright (2014)
30) Desiree Saetua in Phantom of the Grindhouse (2014)

I’m not necessarily a vain or overly self confident person, but I just want to say this. When I finished work, just now, as I left the store and headed towards the supermarket I could see my reflection in the windows and let me just say, I pulled out my hair tie and took off my apron like I was Megan Fox doing some slow motion strut. it was A W E S O M E!

Shame no one was recording it, but I did have an audience so it wasn’t a total loss.

Ginny doesn’t get much appreciation. She was one of the most skilled students in DA and she helped Neville and Luna bring it back to rebel against Death Eaters in her sixth year. Let’s not forget how she helped Gryffindor win the Quidditch Cup when she was only fifteen, and how did she manage to do that? BECAUSE SHE’S A GOD WHEN PLAYING QUIDDITCH. She was able to secretly practice with her brothers brooms, that shows how clever Ginny was to use them without getting caught. And even though she had an epic crush on Harry when she was younger, she decided she was done waiting for him to notice her and that moping around was pointless. So she dated other guys and wasn’t ashamed at all. Ginny was also accepted into the Slug Club during her fifth year. Slughorn only accepted witches and wizards who he thought were determined and talented muggle fuckers. GINNY EVEN SURVIVED LITERALLY EVERY BATTLE THAT WAS CAUSED BY HARRY AND VOLDEMORT AND PUT UP WITH MAJOR BULLSHIT.

Ginny Weasley is a sassy bamf and no one can tell me other wise goodbye.