cause its my problem if i wanna pack up and run away
its my business if i feel the need to smoke and drink and sway
its my problem, its my problem if i feel the need to hide
and its my problem if i have no friends and feel i want to die
—  Marina And The Diamonds

I commissioned the nerd from ddaroll and I want to cry, look how precious he is! Thank you so, so much again, it’s perfect! 

I love the dynamic outlines, the wonderful colors, his precious face, the pose, just, uff, it’s wonderful, thank you so much!

Let's set this record straight

A.K.A Harry and Louis’ magical pull when ‘first meeting’ might be something other than supernatural.

Okay, so we all know Harry and Louis were in bands back in the ol’ days.

Louis was in The Rogue

and Harry was in White Eskimo

Now, this isn’t really a big shock. (Really?)

What drew my attention today was this post. It oh so wonderfully pointed out that a very blurry picture of a set of tweets appeared on Google images:

 and the last tweet in this picture turned out to be this:

And we all know who the main singer of The Rogue is. 

Further, lease remember that when requested to view the source of the blurry picture, Twitter shows this

meaning that the source can’t be ‘found’. Or someone is trying to make really sure that this wouldn’t spread around, because this tweet can be found on Harry’s Twitter. So as ultraviolence-paradise pointed out, this someone might very well be Modest.

Of course this is a speculation, but aside from another of Modest’s fails, this entirely throws the story of Larry away. Because the blurry tweets above the one about Harry’s ‘consolation snog’, although quite hard to read, say 

@Harry_Styles: Soo. Battle of the Bands today. Some real talent here. Don’t think we’re going to win .X” 


@Louis_Tomlinson:  That Harry Styles fella from White Eskimo has got a sick voice ! Getting nervous !

The best job I could do of making it sharper (not really a  professional editor or something ha): 

Also a nice extra found by Fleur, despite me not entirely being sure of Blind Gossip’s credibility, this:

It does sounds a bit familar, doesn’t it?

What we can conclude from this

Harry and Louis both entered Battle of the Bands with White Eskimo and The Rogue, ensuite Louis notices Harry, then there’s a blank space as to the consolation snog happened during or after the event. White Eskimo loses, as anticipated (aw Harry a bit more faith in yourself).

So the fuckers already met and snogged before the Xfactor. Jesus Chirst it’s 5 years after literally scanning everything relating to One Direction and here we are.

What this explains

Louis and Harry’s ‘sudden’ pull to each other when they ‘first met’:

Louis graciously jumping into Harry’s welcoming arms, when ‘not knowing each other at all’.

”I got on with Louis from the word ‘go’.” 

-Harry, Dare to Dream (2011)

And why would that be young Harold?


Tell, me Hannah and Louis, how did you spot a 16-year-old dude in the middle of a CROWD of thousands being interviewed?

How did Louis’ cardigan end up with Harry when auditioning? Did you decide to get a picture taken, tell Harry he would make it big AND gave him your cardigan? To a stranger?

Louis’ tattoo of The Rogue: He could be quirky, he could have gotten it because it means something (the way he met his husband - it would nicely add up to all other complementary tattoos). Because we know, getting a tattoo for someone he loves wouldn’t be something that weird for him to do, right?

And much more gross and sappy stuff that happened in the very early XFactor days that made you question your life…


"All the fans have never failed to surprise us with how dedicated they are so we just wanna keep getting better for them."
You are, Harry. Happy 21st Birthday angel, may it be filled with bananas and legal drinks. ♥

Sports!AU where Marco is a pro surfer and Jean is a pro skier. It’s a bit funny because they suck at each others’ sport so badly. Marco is definitely a fish out of water on the slopes, very upset that gravity applies so much, while Jean just totally confused as to how balancing on water works, like who does that. I’ve never surfed or ski’d what a loser


Today, forty-nine years have passed with no Buster Keaton. The world lost the Great Stone Face on February 1, 1966. But I am happy to say that Buster Keaton left behind a legacy fit for a King. Within his 70 years on earth, Buster managed to give to us some of the greatest masterpieces of cinema history to remember him by. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man who risked his life to do all of his own stunts in his films and spent endless hours thinking up ways to make his audience laugh. Buster’s dedication to his craft shines through each time you see one of his films. For it seems that as much as Buster Keaton is still loved today, there is no sign of his legacy ever fading away.

Buster Keaton (October 4, 1895 - February 1, 1966)