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but do the levihan babies inherit Levi's alcohol tolerance?

yes, they got all the unfortunate ackerman resistance to alcohol. but samson fucked around with some formulas as a teenager and managed to create a moonshine so fucking potent that even levi was slurring after a few glasses. 

I imagine hange would completely flip over this since she thought she’d be stuck with a family of sober ackerman assholes for eternity but now she gets to see levi let loose. 

I need to draw this. 


I’m asking you to look out for your people.
I am.

Why would you shop at Ann Taylor if you are going to buy a Boro Park color anyway?
—  Roommate

When my son was eight or nine I walked in on him playing with my daughter’s My Little Pony dolls. He immediately hid under the blankets, thinking he was doing something wrong. Poor guy. I reassured him that it was fine and they eventually migrated into his room and I think they may still be there.

The point? My sister, another DA enthusiast, knows I have a Tumblr blog and just asked what the URL was.

I feel like hiding under a blanket.

I am her big sister. You know, the traditional, responsible one? She’s going to come into my playground and see my art, my writing, Alim’s blog, me drooling over Dorian and Zevran. I am deep into the fandom now. She will see that. She will see everything.

The thing is, she’ll be fine. She’ll think it’s all fun. She might even toss a few compliments my way. But me being exposed like that to someone I’m close to other then my best friend/daughter?


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Mask of Darkness

"ah, lisanna dearest, I’m glad you arrived!" douglas welcomed, his voice laced with slime.now she could personally see his final plan come to fruition "your just in time to see me finally cleanse this world of the filth that inhabits it" douglas stood on a catwalk, and behind him stood a massive rocket that was ready to take off "once this rocket reaches orbit, the explosion will release a virus that will wipe out all living creatures. So I do hope you got your affairs in order, my lovely, because in about 5 minutes, you’re going to be choking to death"

so i’m seeing these personas or w/e of people in the medievil tag so i decided to jump onto it and made this. i ended up recycling a design ha„,

Pretty much a cowardly, skittish, but friendly girl who is apparently named “Knight” (not her real name, obviously. She refuses to tell her real one). She was born with the ability to see the dead (ghosts) and desires to be a brave knight. At first, she thought she was only just seeing things until it became more and more frequent as time went by. By now, she gotten used to seeing the deceased and even decided to talk to them when nobody’s around. Often gets mistaken to be blind no thanks to her pale eye color. She looks up to the famous heroes, and reads a lot about them.  Also once had a pet field mouse named Gallowmouse, unfortunately he met his fate and got killed by a cat. Now it’s only a ghost mouse and floats around her. She talks to it sometimes.


"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yet I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream” (x)


La Revolution Charmeuse

Or: That One Lady Who Gets Lucky During The Entire Movie


“I’m pretty blown away by Benedict Cumberbatch. I just love his absolute commitment to his characters. He’s so ballsy. He’s so unafraid to really go there — to commit physically, to commit emotionally, to commit verbally, like he’s just very clear and very specific about his characters, and really unabashed in embodying them.” — Tatiana Maslany. (x)


He’s not a good man, Annalise.


30 Days of The Ponds | Day 24: Favorite cap of Rory Rory’s evolution in gifs


"Well, I know what’s to the left. I’ll be Anya the Orphan forever. But if 1 go right, maybe I could find … Who ever gave me this necklace must have loved me." — Anastasia (1997)

Anastasia | Photography