Flooding Memories || 06.03

Juno heard the fire alarm go off and froze - she physically couldn’t move. She was heading out of the dorm building until something clicked; the suitcase. Everything personal that meant anything to her was in it. She went back for it, and ended up unable to move in the hallway, having a serious panic attack. A guard had to carry her out with her suitcase, and she had hidden in the back of the parking lot near a tree, hoping no one would see her. First Faline and now the fire - she still couldn’t breathe, but not because of any smoke.

A Play-By-Play/Closed for Wake

Youko had seen enough horrors to last her a lifetime. The mere sight of seeing Budoshi’s mangled and lifeless body laying there bloodied and torn had made her head spin and stomach churn. She couldn’t believe that the same boy who she met in the woods was gone…

And now, seeing it for a second time, that feeling of unease and sadness swelled back up. It didn’t help that Wake had pushed him on his back, showing the hole where his chest and organs used to be. Youko swallowed, gathering up some nerve and walked further in the room towards Wake. He’d need someone to explain the whole thing to him.

“Hey,” she said, stopping a little ways behind him. She knew that wasn’t the best way to start a conversation, but what could she say, really?

She was perfect. I know there can’t be perfection in this world but truly she was everything and more to me. I can’t believe how blind I was. I can’t believe how stupid I became thinking I was fine how I was. You are so special to me. In loving you is my speciality. How cruel I was. How immature I was. How you still stood by me waiting for things to change. How you believed in me more than I believed in myself. I know things weren’t perfect. Situations got in the middle. But if I knew then what I know now I would in a heartbeat let you know how much you mean to me. It’s been quite sometime since my last real relationship. I know you seen something in me that others can’t. You make me feel emotions that others can’t stir up inside me. I catch myself just staring at pictures of you in such a gaze to realize you were apart of my world. Not just apart but a part of me that I couldn’t see until I was lost at sea. The shore became visible you became all. How magnifying you are. How I took advantage. How stupid I am for not seeing you for just that, you. I can’t resist you. I can’t ignore you. I really adore you. We are in a generation where social media, friends, and all that influences actions, thoughts, concerns, etc. But these networks can’t shut me from you. Especially how I feel about you. I not just have a feeling in my gut but I have a feeling in my soul, the blood flowing in my veins, the very heart beat of mine is telling me that you are for me. I want you to be mine once again. We started as friends but how fast things have went and grown I became blind to my flaws. I just seen it as us now not later. Rather than correct myself for such a queen. For such a beautiful magnificent person you are, you deserve it all. I am sorry. These sorrys can’t express enough but these eyes have wept. These ears have heard. This heart of mind that was once covered in coal is now an intensifying burning fire.
—  Manhattantoparis

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I literally accidentally cut. Like I've been clean and still am but I was shaving and got a nick in a line and I'm sorta panicking that people (my mom) will think its a cut idk. She doesn't trust me so if she saw it she'd immediately flip out. Help.

i had the same in the past, even now my mom is damn scared when she see’s a cut from shaving. I try to laugh it away because it wasn’t meant to be a cut. Just say the truth that it was by shaving your legs, everybody can be dumb and cut them by shaving there legs 

Last night I made my bff watch a Barry & Iris video for the first time and she stayed awake asking me questions about why they aren’t canon for 3 hours then when I told her I wouldn’t spoil it she scoured YouTube and saw Eddie was with Iris and made this irritated noise the depths of her soul and that’s why I love her

Also she ships WestAllen now and will tune into s2 just to see them so that’s cool

There was something intimate about it. The way his lips curved the words, it meant more to her than simply, ‘I love you.’ Those words were hollow, they were a knot tied at the base of her spine, but these words unwound her, she was nothing but loose flesh and bones now. When she shut her eyes she could see them behind her lids, flaring to life in living color, she could hear the din of it inside her head, she wanted to scrawl them across the pink tissue of her lungs. He reached out for her then in the darkness, “Stay with me.” he said, and she was undone.
—  Things We Wrote In the Dark [a.m.b.]

The women’s of Skip Beat

One of the best thing about Skip Beat is it’s portrayal of women. Unlike some shoujo manga’s, it doesn’t strive to paint everyone but the heroine and her best friend in good light.

Everyone here is grey, including the heroine.

There is Kotonami Kanae, who even when she was rude with Kyoko, she used to offer Kyoko her honest opinion. 

There is Kotonami’s childhood rival who finally understood the difference between being a spoilt brat and a real actor. 

Our Maria, who for a seven year old girl who is so dark in nature, but every once in while she learns from her mistake. 

There is Chihori, whose hatred knew no bound because of her own jealousy and now she has opened her eyes and slowly learning to see the world as a better place and Momose whow as alwasy nice, never once letting her feelings for Ren come in the way between her friendship with Kyoko.

All of them, truly are amazing and exceptional. 

I don’t know why everyone hates Ben. Yeah he’s young with few skills and not too bright but he’ s actually a sweet guy. I hope he softens Jessa rather than her making him bitter. She might be all smiles now but I see her becoming a nagging wife .

Mucking out the pond and expanding it! Also featuring Cranberry! :)
Tortle, you wanted to see her! She’s a big momma now.

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When she has her prom you know its going to be the best ever, she's going to look so killer its already set in stone Also its kind of funny everyone copying her now & waiting 2 see what she'll wear at different events to copy it

true story, peachy anon x

Page 9524 - 9534

I’m really, REALLY excited about today’s update. Here’s to hoping for a Calliope revival!
Time to start reading.

Huh, it’s pretty weird how they both lit up like that.

First I thought it was only Roxy lighting up like that and that it meant she was first invisible or something, but now I see Calliope’s lighting up too.

Haha, Calliope’s emoticon though.

And hey, now we can see her bigger fangs again. This reminds me how we didn’t get a Sprite mode picture for Alternate Calliope (yet?), sadly.

Heheh, that expression says more than a thousand words. “I got a present for you, Callie”


I like how this is a callback to John retrieving the ring from his pocket.

Let’s see if Calliope accepts the ring or not!

OH WOW, we’re diving straight into this!

I really like the callback to John putting the ring in Roxy’s hand.

…It would be a bummer if it suddenly turns out the Ring of Life doesn’t work on Cherubs.


I called it! The callback to Aranea’s eyes filling with life again.

I also really like this callback to when Calliope closed her eyes and went to sleep! Which was also the last time we saw her eyes.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! It worked!

I’m so happy about this.

LOOK AT THAT FACE. It’s so good to see her eyes again!

I’m kinda starting to think Calliope didn’t even realize what was going until just now! Hopefully she’s happy about being turned back to life?

Ahahaha, Roxy’s holding her hand like John held hers when they zapped away! This callback doesn’t stop from getting better. It would be funny if Calliope now does a similar squee expression.

. :3

I’m happy to see that Calliope is happy. Just look at that smile! And Roxy is adorable too.

Huh. The background just turned dark blue. What happened? Roxy’s gloves and legs are suddenly blending in with the background, this is pretty silly.

Time to fly away?

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, she’s using Void powers! Then I guess she didn’t fly here the normal way after all? Huh.

Hahaha, so Roxy’s glowing black, like how John glowed white. Now time for Calliope to glow black too?



Ooooh, right! The black background like how it was white with John and Roxy!

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

That was an AMAZING update!

I’m very curious about where Roxy and Calliope are going to end up now, though. Will they end up on the Lotus platform? If so, who will still be there? Will the same people from the last time we saw it still be there, or will some have left? Perhaps Terezi has left by now. I really hope Jane is still there though!

And so it looks like Rose and Jasprosesprite^2 didn’t actually join Roxy in this trip! A bit weird, but whatever.

Anyway, I love love love love this!

I hope Calliope gets to meet a real Troll soon. She’d be so happy!

But what will she do then? Who will she join? I kinda hope she’ll join Karkat and Kanaya to Echidna.

Finally, I want to say one more thing: “why is everything always so wonderful”


I’m in such a fucking dark place right now guys and need to release. I am so sick of being in this fucking world. My cousin is lying in a coma right now because she hung herself and may not make it. This year there has been 3 attempted suicides in my family. Went to see her today and had to leave. She is in hyperthermia state right now to see if they can give her a push to wake her up, meaning they froze her body and tomorrow at noon they will begin to warm her up to help her get the brain going. I am holding on to some hope she will wake up tomorrow. if there’s a God, please, Please wake her up. She needs another chance at life. Only 20 yrs old. I wish I could of been there more. I am just holding on to hope. Tomorrow at noon we will know.