—I strengthen myself because of you.” 

Work has been really shitty lately and I haven’t been able to draw in months D: but inverted-typo ‘s NBC AU is so beautiful I just HAD to draw something inspired (and I had a couple of good nights sooo)

Plus I’m really feeling Halloween now, and this is one of my favorite time of the year, so I’m super excited and not tired at all :D *bounces around*

I’m finally done with school so I’ve been catching up with all the things that I fell behind in recently and that includes spicyshimmy's wonderful fic that you should totally read if you do not already. 

I kinda forgot what he was wearing because I’m a bad reader so I gave him some kind of tunic with the pants from the merc garb they put on way back when. Idk??? I JUST REALLY LIKED HOW SPOCK USED THE LITTLE FORK.

((Ah! As you’ve prob noticed I’ve been pretty inactive this month and I’m really sorry for it! Irl stuff got in the way but I am putting my foot down and I’m def gonna be updating in the next few days!! Again, I’m really sorry for it!))