Not gone, just new directions

okay but what makes me emotional the most is that while in the manga we have the infamous “how ugly we are - lets rest a bit” scene, the anime completely replaces kanekis past selves withering away with hide dying and that implies that hide is such an important person in kanekis life that by being accepted by him he is also able to accept himself

additionally, as yoshimura said, kaneki has places in both the human and the ghoul world, and im pretty convinced the anime represented them with hide and anteiku. its very important that hide carries kaneki to specifically anteiku, because this way when he tells him he knew about everything all along, the two worlds collide. hide dies and anteiku burns down - kaneki has lost both places he could call a “home”.

but what comes after all this is even more beautiful - and even more painful - in my opinion

kanekis hair appearing to have turned black again for short periods of time is the visual representation of how others view him; when touka notices him, she sees him with his original hair color again, because at that time he is the closest to being his former self again. but thats exactly why he wants to be judged by the ccg and arima, who is heavily implied to be some sort of a god figure in both the anime and the manga. kaneki realizes he cant go back to being human, but cant continue his life as a ghoul either.

as he slowly walks down the streets, he is faced with destruction and death - something that seemed completely natural and even necessary to him before. he wanted to protect everyone around him, even if it meant hurting others in the process, but now he realizes those people he killed might have been precious to someone else. to eat or to be eaten - to kaneki at this point neither seems to be the right thing to do 

this whole scene might seem to be too long or even irrational (why arent the ccg members attacking him etc), but i think its because its really symbolic. hide is supposed to represent his humanity that he lost. bringing him along with himself is almost like saying “i had him once. he is gone now. he is the proof i was human, but im not anymore. no matter how hard i try to atone for my sins, its never going to be enough. i am here to see god and be judged by him. i accept whatever fate awaits me.” he thinks this is his only chance to “return home”.


Monster Falls has captured my heart and run away with it. Have some Deer!Dippers.

Also I should note because I am a biology nerd: Deer!Dip would probably be based off of mule deer colors/antlers, if he was ever a deer long enough to have full-grown antlers. No White-tails live in CA/OR, but Mule deer are abundant.

Also, fun fact: Mule deer “stot” to show off fitness or prowess or to just show off to a predator that they’re to weak to catch them. I like to think that Deer!Dipper probably enjoys stotting a lot once he grows accustomed to it and  sees that being half-deer is pretty badass actually.

Hey pixelberry you should really add accessories. *cough cough* glasses

Just something I need to say to all of you claiming that Rap Monster’s new MV is being ableist: Shut the fuck up.