all political candidates that claim to not believe in climate change are actually reptilians in disguise who trick the populace at large into inaction because they would benefit most from the rising temperatures

i feel like we don’t talk enough about phan with pets

  • phil tripping over leashes when they take their dogs on a walk
  • phil pointing at all the puppies in the pet store like “dan look at this one’s ears! *gasp* no wait, dan dan look at this one!!” and dan smiling and rolling his eyes
  • dan falling asleep on the couch with a kitten on his chest
  • phil wanting to get the colorful printed collar but dan wanting the black one bc aesthetic i hate him
  • phil getting withdrawals whenever they leave on vacation and keeping a picture of their pet in his wallet
  • dan chasing their new puppy up and down the hall with that big excited smile to tire them out
  • phil accidentally stepping on their tail and spending the next 20 minutes kissing their forehead saying how sorry he is
  • dan + phil + puppy triple cuddles

P H A N  W I T H  P E T S

Day 7: Corazon

This is probably what Doflamingo saw before he shot Law on chapter 780. I was aiming for it to be intimidating, but the more I see it the more it looked like something out of horror comic -__-;

Last day of Trafalgar Law Week!

“Can you feel it? Thanks for warming this cold, cold heart, Sameen.”

Yep just finished most of my papers and exams! One week earlier than i said but, im back y’all:D I know it’s been weeks since that ”someone warmed someone’s heart” panel but ya know…..ugh.


#HAPPYDAESUNGDAY || Happy 26th/27th Birthday Daesung!

i know i’m late, but it’s still your birthdy somewhere in the world right? i wanted to try something different for your birthday this time, and although i didn’t make all the gifs i wanted to - i hope i still got to show one of my favorite sides of yours. your shit-talking, being a little piece of shit, and just all around being absolutely ridiculous is a part of you that i love so so much, i hope i always get to see more of that ;; i hope you had a wonderful birthday and have a wonderful comeback with bigbang~ continue on living and acheiving your dreams and don’t give up hope my love! i’ll be cheering you on and pushing you forward as always ♥♥♥