a mix for tadashi: the inventor, the victim & the brother

[ Carrying| Jukebox the Ghost] [I’m a Pilot| Fanfarlo] [ All I Needed | Keith Kenniff] [So Let Us Create | Jukebox the Ghost] [Anagram | Young the Giant] [Party On Darwin | Cheers Elephant] [Ball Cap | Mother Mother] [Some Racing, Some Stopping | Headlights] [I am Warm and Powerful | Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin] [Deep Blue | Arcade Fire] [The Funeral | Band of Horses]  Hungry Ghost | Starfucker ]

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afraid and yet filled with joy

afraid and yet filled with joy: carmilla x laura
[34 & post-34] [i promise it ends happily] [ao3]
[suicide cw]

you lift your sword and prepare to die

Tired little laughs, gold-lie promises, we’ll always win at this
I don’t ever think about death
It’s alright if you do, it’s fine
-lorde, glory and gore

The camera is on and bile, fear fills your lungs for Laura is nowhere; her stupid, brave, hopeful friends are gone and the red light mocks you.

(She filmed a message for her father, and she starts crying in the middle of it; you cannot watch it; Laura’s tears are something holy, a sacrament you are too scarred to bear witness to.)

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rinharuweek day 4 - Supernatural AU / you took my hand

wooooow okay I’m so late with this but I’m glad I finally got it done. I wasn’t planning on doing anything for rinharuweek but it’s obvious how those plans turned out. have some merfolk/sea serpent/naga rinharu!!


yeah that one definitely looks wounded.

you have fun
  • you have fun
  • bulldog eyes

you have fun demo

the absent mind that runs a hand along the fence
the bloody mess that sends a simple message

hey write three names, sing them slowly
oh my god you’re so smart you know everything
oh go on, wander off, in empty parks and parking lots
when you’re alone you have fun

this unrest has always been there,
although many have had the privilege to ignore it.
but it’s getting to the point where we can no longer push it aside
this unrest
is no longer just the problem of the oppressed
it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the privileged
to listen
to learn
to DO something about it.
—  excerpt from an unfinished poem of mine from a few weeks ago. Its called UNREST/UPRISE and ferguson has given me a reason to finish it.