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i love you all so much you have no idea… i also love bucky barnes…


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your pokestuck story is beautiful, and thank you.

HOLY CUCUMBER! THIS IS KIND OF EXTREMELY TOTALLY PERFECT? It looks like official art *_* (that expression on his face HGHHH he’s about to kick some serious ass). It’s absolutely flawless, I adore it thank you! 
pinkstarpirater CHECK IT OUT 

oh no. Suddenly I have an extreme craving to write Pokestuck. 

okay so i watched the promo of tonight’s episode of the fosters. there will be jonnor, family conflict, and callie crying into stef’s arm.

and i also watched the promo of tonight’s episode of eye candy. the flirtual killer will be revealed.

how am i supposed to wait until 6p.m tomorrow to see all this? HOW? HOW? HOW?