I don’t know how to break. If I break, it will not just be a small crack, invisible to the naked eye- a blemish on a clean slate soul. It will be an ugly cut, and I will be smashed to smithereens… shattered shards of who I am, was, and am trying to be languishing sharply on dark floors, slicing the feet of all that come near. I hurt everyone I love without meaning to, and that destroys me. I don’t know how to sink without falling- to rise like a phoenix in golden skies, contemplative and redemptive. I know how to crash and burn. It’s tried and tested, well-established, learned since birth. I know how to fly. I know how to feel. I know how to suffocate under the weight of my own fractured emotional states. I know what it feels like to die inside whilst still breathing. I know what it’s like to have no-one realise until it’s too late. I don’t know how to communicate my needs without veering into crazed dependency. I am too much for everyone- including me.
—  R L C

I saw this pretty dragon in someone’s lair that I wanted to breed one of my dragons with for a friend, it was the perfect mate, and tried to contact the person. I sent them an e-mail asking about it and waited for liek a week. No reply.

Sent them another PM and again, no reply.

Then I tried to comment on their profile and surprize! I was blocked by this person. I could swear I never interacted with this user before or had an argument with them, until I did some research.

Turns out it is the same user I shat on gloriously a while ago, who changed their username and switched flights eversince.

I know I’ve been a dick to you and called you names and dragged you into dirt, but srsly?

Get the fuck over it already. :’((( It breaks my heart that you blocked me.