A CP poem by me :3
  • Jeff:Please dont go to sleep,
  • I need you here,
  • BEN:They're drowning me,
  • And you're no where near,
  • Slender:Yet you ALWAYS seem to watch,
  • And know whats on
  • Tails:You say "we still feel the sunshine, you are not gone"
  • Dark Link(Lynx):And you know how to help me,
  • For the demon not to win,
  • Sonic:Though, you kinda are slow(*gets punched by LYnx) OW! But you seem to fin(happy?)
  • BRVR:And you kinda know i was misunderstood,
  • Masky:And even though im sometimes feeling awful,
  • You make me feel good,
  • LJ:but remember, I LOVE YOU TOO *laughs*
  • FOR I know you shall not abandon me,
  • EJ:I can be myslef, as long as you're there, cause you make me feel free,
  • Sally:I love you, as much as you love me!
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A compilation of the saddest creepypasta pictures I have in my collection.How does this goddamn fandom make me cry over goddamn serial killers?! My poor adorabloodthirsty babies…

Sources (it doesn’t let me do the link thingy on my laptop):


Fanart for my favorite Pokemon Creepypasta ever, Pokemon Dead Channel, which you can read. Right here:§ion=&global=1&q=pokemon+dead+channel#/d32buq0

The idea behind the story is a girl who, because of her terrible school and lack of friends, considers her Pikachu she names BRVR (short for Brother) on the game Pokemon Channel her best friend. She’s able to do everything with BRVR that she can’t in the real world, becoming almost dependent on his company, feeling for him as strongly as she would for any real person.

Then she moves, and enrolls in a new school, where she makes a real-life best friend. And slowly, over time, BRVR is forgotten; Pokemon Channel placed on a shelf somewhere while she explores the social life she never really had.

But, then of course, years later, she is forced by her parents on another move, and falls back into old, unsociable habits when her ties with her real-life best friend are cut. One day it strikes her to pick up her old, cherished copy of Pokemon Channel. And she decides to check up on BRVR.

And that, really, is where the story begins.

It’s one of the most gruesome creepypastas out there, if not the gold-medal winner. It’s haunting, terrifying, and heartbreaking at the same time. Despite all the terrible things you witness BRVR capable of as the story goes on, you’re actually torn between wanting to stop him forever, and scoop him up into a hug and never let him go. And the end? Hooo. *shudders* It’s certainly worth the read.

Loved it so damn much I decided to draw some fanart for it, ha <3 *swats at that heart because it is inappropriate in terms of such a sad/scary story* It’s…upsetting to think about, really, because he was alone for years. I doubt he wrote all those messages on the wall at the same time. I can see him adding one now and then, when he’s feeling particularly desperate. And…well. Seeing as how he wasn’t…always the way he is now, I wonder if he ever had a breakdown that didn’t involve bloodshed. If you think about it, the blood on the walls? It’s the blood of his friends. Whom he killed with his own paws. He went mad, yes, but perhaps reality came back to remind him what he’s become from time to time, and further pushed him into that state of insanity.

Poor little BRVR.

I’m going to buy Pokemon Channel, name my Pikachu BRVR, and I’ll love him forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever etc.


There we go…finished~