THE brOTP I WILL FOREVER LOVE Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki ~ J2
"They really do love each other, they really did become brothers. I watch them at parties all the time. They’re like, ‘Hey, man,’ watching each other and watching each other’s back. You can’t fake the camaraderie they have."  - Eric Kripke


Sherlock AU: The Doctor & The Soldier.

└ Both John Watson and Sebastian Moran lost people during Reichenbach. Fueled by that and their army days, a sensitive truce is called.

You know, we can joke about Charming being all "not my mate" when Killian's in trouble and pushing him out of the way but you know damn well a lot of that has to do with knowing the pirate loves his daughter and after seeing Emma come home from the date with her head in the clouds there's no way in hell he's letting anything happen to Killian Jones because it would hurt Emma and he will NOT risk his daughter's happiness.

DotD BrOTP: The 10th Doctor + The 11th Doctor (your real life BrOTP is showing)