RE: The Shahs of Sunset Strike


To my creative colleagues who make unscripted television,

I’m sure you’re aware of the recent labor dispute between the sixteen editors and assistants and Ryan Seacrest Productions. Since the post-production crew walked off the job three weeks ago to collectively bargain for better working conditions that include employer-paid health care, sick & vacation days, & employer pension contributions there has been a sense that this is really a larger action. One between the talented and nearly completely freelance workforce in unscripted tv and the large corporations that we ultimately work for (in this case Comcast, who owns NBC/Universal and Bravo).

Bravo/Comcast confirmed that sense on Friday when they fired all the striking editors and assumed control of the production from Ryan Seacrest Productions. They will attempt to finish this season with replacement workers. To that end, Bravo’s latest tactic is to not tell Post Supers and Editors what project they’re calling about. Loosely referencing “projects in progress” or “other projects”. IF you get a call for a Bravo job, ask A LOT of questions. ACCEPT the job to get the info about where the cutting rooms are, then share that info either with me (DM, email, phone call, at lunch, whenever, wherever. I’m available) and THEN let them know you’re not interested after all.

Know this; we have long careers and the industry both here in LA and beyond is small. The longer you’re in it, the smaller it gets. Crossing a picket line to take someone’s job that was standing up for an ideal that would ultimate help a large portion of an entire industry of television workers isn’t something to be taken lightly and isn’t something that gets forgotten when you do.

There are other jobs and you have a future to consider.

*NOTE:You may not also realize that some members of the production crew have also walked off the job. Work shooting pick-up scenes and interview shoots have also been stopped.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta trailer is HERE. [VIDEO]


I stopped breathing a total of five times.  FIVE!  From just the trailer!  This is probably going to be the single best season of reality television in the history of the genre…not that there’s a whole lot to live up to, but just work with me here because I am hella excited right now.  

And this is REAL drama too, not that throwed-together mess they try to pull on RHONY and RHOBH.  Ain’t nayan chile on this show a good enough actress to pull this mess off in any sort of acting capacity.

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Trailer: ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 7)’

Season 7 of RHOA premiers November 9th 2014.

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ will return to Bravo on the date above, returning for a seventh cycle with a little help from two new ladies, and set to rock TV with more drama than it’s ever dished up before.

Now hit the play button to catch its official trailer, teasing fans with snippets pulled from a number of its major story lines.

These, including a physical fight between Kenya and Phaedra, NeNe’s continued rise in Hollywood, Kandi‘s continued battle with Momma Joyce and a “love triangle” between Porsha WilliamsKordell Stewart and struggling actress Claudia Jordan.

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Trailer

Things looking hot in the ATL with this trailer of Bravos Real Housewives Of Atlanta new trailer.

0 Goals, 3 Shirts

"For several years now, Claudio Bravo has decided that whenever he does not concede any goals in a match, he will donate his jersey to a child. More specifically, a child with a medical condition or decline.

'One day, a kid in a wheelchair called me to greet me when I came home from Anoeta. I took my shirt and gave it to him. You could not imagine how his face lit up. I think sometimes players do not realize we have the happiness of many children in our hands. That kid gave me a lesson and encouraged me to carry out this initiative' he said.

With his arrival to Barcelona, ​​Claudio Bravo will not change his ritual. After a record zero goals have been conceded in his first three games, Bravo has already prepared three shirts from the Elche, Villarreal, and Athletic matches to give away. Although Bravo usually prefers to keep his solidarities anonymous, his goal now is to go to hospitals and personally present the children with the gifts, thus trying to help them to forget disease - even if only for a little while.” [md]

Venus ~ Claudio Bravo  /  San Antonio Museum of Art

In the 1960’s, Claudio Bravo became a popular society portrait painter, and his hyperrealist portraits were highly sought by rich and famous. His virtuosity and photo-realistic paintings, often depicting draped cloth and paper-wrapped packages, demonstrate influence of the Spanish Baroque masters, such as Francisco de Zubaran (1598 -1664). Bravo’s paintingsand drawings are in the most important museum collections of the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1994, the National Museum of of Fine Arts in Santiago mounted a large retrospective of his work.

Venus represents Bravo at his best. Here, he expertly captures the female form in full bloom and thoroughly captures the attention and imagination of the viewer. Bravo’s successful treatment of drapery is characteristic of his skill in the use of trompe-l’oeil technique.

(source: SAMA)

  • For those who crochet / knit in scale.
  • For people who can do awesome mods.
  • For those who can do fantastic face-up with acrylic paint.
  • For those who can make bjd tattoos look realistic.
  • For those who can add realistic skin textures and freckles to resin.
  • For those who are able to sew itty bitty clothes for itty bitty dolls.
  • For the awesome seamstresses on Etsy.
  • For the wig makers.
  • For people who make eyes by hand and symmetrical.
  • For everyone who sculpts their own doll.
  • For those who can do intricate nail art on bjd fingers.
  • For people who make in scale, realistic props.
  • For people who make in scale furniture.
  • For those who create beautiful photostories.
  • For people who can come up with interesting, deeply thought out characters.
  • For those who have such a distinctive style, you can easily spot their work from afar.
  • For the talented photographers.
  • For everyone who bothers to do the math when calculating their price and not violate paypal TOS by charging fees.
  • For the sellers who take the extra effort of photographing their item in / on the doll as well as outside of it.
  • For people who are capable of handeling anon hate with patience and grace.
  • For those who don’t send anon hate.
  • For everyone who owns legits.
  • For those who risk their account by giving out doa invites to strangers.
  • For the companies for making the dollies we love so much.
  • For everyone who can apply eyelashes at first try.
  • For those who take the time to politely help out newbies.
  • For everyone who succesfully hosts meets.
  • For everyone who succesfully hosts group orders.
  • For the mods and admins.
  • For everyone who allows newbies to hold their doll.

Respect to these people and I’m sure I forgot many others, so feel free to add your own. Have an applause if this applies to you. You deserve it.