dumbdaddy asked:

br*no and z*ch will die soon bc sarah won the veto and godfrey and britnee are gonna be on the block AND brit/sarah/god are gonna win the have not power and replace themselves with zach and bruno so yay

the only thing I’m worried about is if Godfrey wins the power because we HONESTLY have no idea what he would do…he has an alliance with literally everyone left in the game

i think the reason why sarah doesn’t think they have the ammo to evict z*ch is cause she has no idea what the fuck the power is, she is under the assumption that it’s the ass veto where britt will veto herself and br*uno is the replacement it’s pretty much a given that britt will nominate z*ch/br*no so in the that moment fembots + god will vote out z*ch and p*lar will vote out br*no  

…………… honestly i want ashslay, pili, or godfrey to win hoh so: 

1.SLAYRAH and GODNEE are eligible for the havenot power.

2. both br*no and z*ch are able to be put up by whoever wins said power.